We Were Perfect

we were perfect. our relationship. our love...
Don't call anymore. I won't pick up.
This is it. I don't wanna hurt anymore.
And you can tell me that you're sorry again
But I'm not gonna believe you. You were never sorry.


3. white roses

-Ashley's POV-
We arrived at Mill Creek, Harry came over and opened my door like a gentleman, I loved the old fashioned classy boyfriend stuff he did. As we were walking towards the flowers gardens Harry started holding my hand and gave me a kiss on the cheek. We were walking towards flowers I saw white roses which I loved. 

"I love white roses they're so beautiful." 

"Not as beautiful as you" Harry said with that stupid smirk which I love

"No but really roses are a symbol of love and white roses just make it even more beautiful" 

"I'd send you a million white roses if that what it takes to keep you forever."

"I'll be waiting for those roses..." I said winking at Harry 

Harry leaned in because I'm a lot shorter than him and started kissing me. We pulled away from the kiss and I said giggling 

"Ya know it really doesn't matter where we are or who we are infront of, you kiss me." 

"You know where I want to kiss you?"


"In the front of a pretty church with all our family and friends watching us." 

"I love you Harry" 

"I love you too" 

"Let's go to the waterfall"

I said pulling Harrys arm. The waterfall wasn't something everyone knew about but I did. Harry and I walked over to the edge and looked at the waterfall.

"The sound is peaceful"

Harry said walking over to the usual spot we sat at. Harry sat on the grass and I sat on he lap facing him. 

"I like coming here its like our own private place."

"So do I." I said poking Harrys dimples 

"don't poke my dimples." Harry said like a little kid

"Why huh huh?" I said poking Harry dimples more

"Because if you do I'll tickle you!" and Harry started tickling me

"No Harry stop I hate being tickled!" We were laughing like crazy. I fell backwards and now Harry was on top of me 

"Ok Ok stop Harry!"

Harry stopped tickling me. Our eyes meet as we caught our breath from laughing and Harry leaned down and slowly kissed me. It was a moment like out of a movie. We pulled away and were looking at each other 

"We kiss a lot." 

"I like it but I think we should kiss more" Harry smirked We there sat up and I was on Harry's lap again. Harry was holding me hand and I said 

"You have big hands"

"It's to hold yours tighter" Harry said giving me a quick kiss on the cheek. I do truly love this boy.


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