We Were Perfect

we were perfect. our relationship. our love...
Don't call anymore. I won't pick up.
This is it. I don't wanna hurt anymore.
And you can tell me that you're sorry again
But I'm not gonna believe you. You were never sorry.


4. ch 3

-Ashley's POV-
Monday morning and my alarm clock goes off, I have to go to work. I work at Forever 21 and make a okay amount of money. Dreading getting out of bed I picked myself up and tried to get out of bed but a pair a strong arms were wrapped around me and won't let me go. Oh Harry. 

"Noo don't leave me." Harry cried pulling me back into him

"Harry I have to go to work"


"because I have a job unlike some lazy people.."

"okay" Harry sighed
"I'm going to get ready." I said kissing Harry's forehead. I went and took a quick shower. Stepping out of the shower I wrapped the towel around my body; I'll add some make up and brush out my hair, I have naturally wavy hair so I'll let it air dry. I walked into my and Harry's room to get dressed and Harry was still laying in bed. 

"You still didn't get out of bed?" I said giggling


"What should I wear to work?" I said looking at the closet 
"You not put on anything and stay here." Harry said pulling me backwards so I fell on my back on the bed.

"You would like that wouldn't you?" I said kissing Harry's lips


"well I have work so.." I said getting up. I grabbed an outfit and started walking towards the door 
"I'm going to change."

"Why don't you change in here?" Harry said smirking

"Watch it styles!" I ended up wearing army green shorts with a brown belt and a tight white mid length sleeve shirt and my brown boots, I added some jewelry too. I walked into our room to say goodbye to Harry but he wasn't in there so I just grabbed my purse and walked to the kitchen. Harry was in there making tea. 

"Here's some tea babe. Have a good day at work." Harry said giving me tea 

"Thanks Haz" I said giving Harry a kiss goodbye. I grabbed my bag a left for work.

-Harry's POV-

It was around 12:00 so Ashley should have a break around now. I'm gonna go see her. I drove until I got to the mall and found my way to Forever 21. I tried to walk in casual like, and Ashley was helping some one check out but there wasn't alot of people here. I walked towards the cash register and grabbed a pair of sunglasses to buy just for fun. After the customer left I walked up and put the sunglasses down 

"Find everything you need." Ashley asked politely without looking up she was to focused on getting the sunglasses scanned. "That will be $5.67" Ashley said this time looking up. 

"Harry?" she said laughing "Why are you buying girls sunglasses?" 

"Because I'm gonna wear them." We both looked down at the heart shape framed sunglasses and started laughing.

"I was kidding I don't want them" 

"I already assumed that" 

I leaned on the table and held Ashley's hands. 

"Can you take your break now?" I said placing a kiss on her forehead. 

"Um" Ashley looked around "Yeah let go tell Missy." Missy was the manager and Ashley's was assistant manager. Ashley walked away and came back and few minutes later. We walked around the mall for a good 10 minutes and just talked and stuff. I walked Ashley back to the store and she went back behind the register again. 

"What are you doing tonight?" I asked Ashley 

"um I don't know" 

"Good your free cause I invited Louis, Eleanor, Perrie, and Zayn over to hang out and have movie night." 

"When were you gonna tell me this huh?" 

"I'll see ya later love you bye!" Harry said quickly kissing my forehead and hurring off.  

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