Forbidden Love

Ember is in-love with her health teacher Mr Styles. What she doesn't know is that he secretly has a crush on her! Read on for more!


1. The Beginning

Ember's POV

So today is Wednesday and I'm excited because I have Mr Styles for health first lesson! Holly is going to be there as well so it's gonna be hella awks!

"HEY HOLLY!" I called across the netball court. She hold her hands up and asks me not to hit her. The bell rang and we went to class, did the roll and got our stuff ready. As Mr Styles walks in I can't help myself I stop and stare. "Oi Kieu, stop drooling! Partner?" she asks. " yeah sure get me closer to that ass!" I whisper a little too loud. Mr Styles whips his head around to look at us staring at him. 


Holly walks up to him like nothing's wrong. " Mr Styles  may I please be excused?" she asks politely.  Try to to piss myself laughing as she walks over and tells me to get up


Harry's POV

OH GOD! I shouldn't feel this way about a student but, I can't help myself I need her!  Want her!

 Hollys POV


I walk out of class giving my boyfriend, Milan, I wink and he went up and asked if he could go take a piss. As he said to the teacher. He walked out with his best friend Jamie. We walked to the toilets together and we started making out, our school doesn't care about what we do, as long as we're there. We stop when Jamie coughs. We head back to class and say the I love you's and went and sat down. I wrote a note and passed it to Ember sitting next to me.


Mr Styles was looking at your ass!


She read it giggled and handed it back to m.


Of course he was! Lol

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