The Diary Of A Little Wolf.

I don't own any defiance themes, characters or ideas!

You have all seen Irisa on defiance... You have heard her talk on Defiance... You have seen what she can do on Defiance... You haven't seen her inner thoughts on Defiance... Irisa can only hide her inner thoughts in that diary, But what happens when Nolan reads her diary? Read to find out....


1. Finding the book.

The lawkeepers office was quiet as Nolan sat in silence staring at the jail in the corner of the room. It had been a very slow day in Defiance. Tommy had a day off. Irisa had to have a spiritual cleansing with the Irathient spirit riders, Much too Nolan's displeasure. She had to be spiritually cleaned as she has spent all of her time with Humans and not her own kind, So she is seen as 'Unclean' to the Irathient's. Nolan had told her not to go as it wasn't right that she was being told that she wasn't classed as a proper Irathient and it was wrong of them to do that, But secretly he didn't want to admit that she was slowly slipping away from him. She had been spending more time with her own kind whilst they had been in Defiance and it honestly scared Nolan. She had never wanted to go and see them but now she has been sneaking off and not helping Nolan with Lawkeeping in Defiance. It wasnt like her at all, And it was all his fault. He was the one who forced her to stay in Defiance and he was the one who had told her to start getting used to bustling city and lots of people and not just him. Nolan regretted thinking that she was being selfish. She just didn't want to lose him, But now that was happening anyway.

Nolan sunk deeper into the chair and his eyes averted from the jail to the desk he now had his feet on. He saw that Irisa's book was on the desk. He stared at it for minutes on end debating about what to do. His angel side was telling him to put the book in a safe place and tell her when she got back that he had put it away, But his devil side was saying that he should read it so he could become closer to his daughter. He was very undecided. He was still debating three minutes later and then he decided that if he did read it before she came back then what harm would it do? Its not like she would know. So Nolan hesitantly moved closer to the book and picked it up. He then rested back down in his chair but positioned himself so if Irisa did come back he could easily put it away. He eventually got comfy and then he opened the book and started to read...

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