death note: the last note

After Light Yagami died, it had been two years since everything stopped, know one murdered or raped or bullied, but then all that started back up when someone new found the death note, will he or she be more clever than Light? And will Near catch them out?
It's a race against time as the new KIRA wants to restart earth, killing everyone, one by one, slowly and painfully.


2. 1

Two years have passed since Light Yagami died, and although nobody knows KIRA died, people on the streets are good, kind. It's put police officers out of their job, but I guess it's worth it to have peace around...

Nate River paces around his HQ.

By this point your probably wondering who I am. Well, the answer to your question is simple, I am know one important to you.

Nate River paces around his HQ, since KIRA died, there hasn't been any cases, business has been slow. Reeeeaaally slow. As in, the point when you not moving slow. I think you get it now. Nate sits down staring at his computer.

finally, after three minutes, he decides to switch on his computer but only to stare at one picture for ten minutes.

"Oh, Ryuzaki... Why. Why were you not quick enough to find KIRA. He was right under your nose, he was supposedly your "friend". You had it all figured out, all you needed to do was arrest him, he acted all innocent but still... You had that feeling. So. Why?"

A single tear shed from Nate's eye. And he walked away, to his bedroom full of toys and domino towers.

Matsuda left the room to stand outside of Nate's room, to body guard.

Izowa stared at the picture on the computer for a minute.

Izowa switched the computer off, then left the room.

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