White Lips. Pale Face

It's my first time doing this type of story, so please be nice and bare with me. This story is about Maisie who's 17 and goes to school with her best mate Hannah, but what happens when a new family moves in down the road and 5 boys join the school. When people go missing and when strange things start happening at school when will she work out the boys terrifying secret? When will she ever get her life back to normal.

After everything that happens in her life, it leaves her thinking. Was she ever Normal?

Please leave Feedback I would love to know what you think of it :) x


11. Training..SURPRISE!

Chapter 11   Harry's pov;    I woke early and remembered Maisie fell asleep on me. I looked down, she had changed her position and her face was looking up at me. I smiled and wiped her hair out of her eyes, she looked so beautiful. I sat for a while just watching her sleep before gently sliding out from underneath her and pulling the duvet over her.    I changed into my black top and black jeans and fixed my hair. I hear the curtains blow open from the wind and jogged lightly over to the window fixing it closed so no one could get in. I glanced back over at May and saw she was still sound a sleep so I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote her a note.   Leaving it on the pillow next to her I left my bedroom. I knocked on Nialls door and he answered looking sleepy.    "sorry, I'm going to be helping mother with Annie all day..could you keep an eye on Maisie..and make sure she don't kill any of you" I asked as he was nodding and then his eyes went wide but he say I was joking and laughed it of.   "okay that's fine, I think her and Louis have plans this morning though,  I'll catch up with her this afternoon" he told me before closing the door. I stood staring at his door.  Her and Louis had plans? She never said anything. My mind started wondering but I fixed it on Annie and my mother. I had to help Annie for Maisie and just hope my brother wasnt making her fall for him in the mean time.   I jogged downstairs and into the living room as Annie sat up on the sofa her eyes dark. "Harry" she said brightly as I took the drink of my Mother drank some and then spat it out.  "your giving her human blood still?" I shouted angrily at my Mother as she frowned at me and took the drinking passing it to Annie.    "she isn't ready to go to animal blood Harry dear" she told me as I watched Annie gulp down the drink.  "she's gone trough transition now mother. If you don't get her use to animals then she will end up like Jay and not us" I warned her.   "fine okay..from now on she can drink the animal stuff, but I'm leaving controlling her first to you then" she told me leaving the room.   "harry..I'm scared" Annie whispered putting the cup down. I moved over to sit next to her and pulled her into a hug. " I know but your okay, I promise me the boys and Maisie we will help you and protect you" I told her.   She nodded and then stared into space. "is Maisie one to?" she asked softly as I rubbed my neck thinking of a way to explain without freaking her out.   "no...she's a Vampire slayer" I told her. She jumped up. "what!?" she screamed.  Great job Harry I told myself as I stood up to try and calm her.    "no it's okay..she likes us..your her friend she wanted this for you so that you wouldn't die, she wanted me to help save you" I told her as she stopped freaking out and sat down flicking through her phone and sending a text to her parents to let them know she's okay;   Hey mum&dad Sorry I scared you, everything's fine. Ive just gone a way for a little while. I'll be back in a few days - a week maybe. Sorry I should have let you know before  Love you both lots xxx   I sat down on the sofa and turned to the telly on.  "mum how are we going to get it so she can go out during the day?" I asked her panicked.   Maisie's pov;   I woke to banging on the door. I opened my eyes seeing Harry no longer there but a letter on the pillow.  "come in" I called sitting up and picking up the letter. The door opened and Louis calmly walked in all dressed and ready. He sat down on the bottom of my bed and smiled at me.   "get up lazy..we have training to do" he eyes the letter in my hands and raised his eyebrows. As I stuck my tongue out at him and read the letter;   May, I couldn't bring myself to wake you this morning, you looked to peaceful. Have a good day with the boys today, don't forget to study tonight for your science test tomorrow :) Try not to kill any of my brothers. My numbers in your phone call if you need me.                ~your protector                       Harry :) xx   I laughed dropping the letter and jumping out of bed.  "thank god, for the heaters packing up in school..day off woo" I shouted happily as Louis started laughing. "it's okay MayMay we all know your a nerd" Louis grunted as I glared at him.    "oh and we all know you don't love to drink blood" I shouted back sarcastically as I grabbed a towel and went into the bathroom.    "don't pretend you don't think it's a turn on..bad boy vampire" he called through the door. I couldn't help but laugh and I could tell he was annoyed that I was laughing.   "bad boy? You?...more like a failed attempt of a bad boy" I called back hearing him grunt something that sounded like a swear word and then the running water filled my head and mind.   "are you nearly done I've been waiting for ages" Louis called through the door. I steppe out of the shower wrapping the towel around me. I looked around and remembered I didn't bring my clothes in. I sighed and pushed open the door.   "happy now?" I asked Louis. He stepped back and raised his eyebrows as he stared at me standing in just a towel.  "uhm...I" he stuttered as I laughed and walked over to a bag of my clothes that the boys had gone and got from my house.    I found what I wanted and turned back around to Louis. "turn around or leave, while I change" I told him as he frowned and then looked around. "I'll...er wait outside" he mumbled, as he walked to the door and glanced back once before going out of the room.   An hour later, I sat in Louis's car as we pulled up to a small cafe. "breakfast before training..need to get your strengths up" He told me shooting a glance at me and then getting out the car. I did the same, and followed him to the cafe.   Once stepping inside, I smelt a strong vanilla smell. The cafe was small, with just a few people inside it. One family sat in the corner. The mum and dad sat laughing and feeding each other as the kids played with two toy cars.   "come on" Louis whispered as he followed my gaze but pulled over to a table not far from them. The waitress came over and I ordered a cup of tea and some pancakes.  "I'll have the same please" Louis told her as she wrote it down and walked off with a smile.  I looked at Louis who was staring at me, I began to feel nervous but I didn't know why. So I moved my stare back over to the family. I saw from the corner of my eye Louis watching them to.  Then he turned back to me in a huff and anger in his eyes.   "whats wrong with you I think it's lovely" I tell him still watching the family. He snorted and started playing with the salt shaker.   "you think it's lovely..that while playing happy families, he is feeling guilty for sleeping with her best mate and she's nervous about telling him she's pregnant as well as worrying about having money to keep a roof over their heads?" he blurted out staring at me as my gaze went on him an I gasped.   "that's awful! And you went into there mind. That's there private life Lou" I moaned at him but felt sad. His eyes widened but then he smiled as the waitress brand our cups of tea over. "thank you" I told her sweetly as she smiled back but didn't say anything.   I stirred my tea and laughed and Louis shook his head at me. "what's funny?" he asked looking around the room.  "nothing it's just I forget..about what you are" I tell him as he opens his mouth to say something but decides against it.    He sips his tea and looks at me. "sometimes I forget that you have the power to in one swift movement end me" he tells me with a serious tone. He sat up straight and the waitress gave us our pancakes.    She walked of and I stared at my plate. "what's this really about?" I ask Louis as he chuckles and starts eating. "well your definitely not stupid..well I just want to get to know you more" he tells me. I bit my lips and  ticked my hair behind my ears.   "fine..what do you want to know?" I ask as he chews his mouthful, and gulps it down. I look him over and finally see him properly and see how hot he actually is , his muscles in his arms strained and his face pale. His hair dark and short. I gulped and he frowned at me.   "uhm..done checking me out?" he asks chuckling afterwards. I playfully slapped his arm. "as if I would" I joked back looking straight down at my food. I felt embarrassed that I got caught.   " do you want kids?" he asks as I jump in my seat. "uhm..didn't think you'd want to know things so personal..but Yeah two" I told him.   Once we finished our food and questions had all run out he stood up. "I'm going to go pay, you should go wait in the car" he told me as I nodded and walked out the cafe.   I saw his car and started walking towards it. "excuse me are you Maisie?" I jumped as a pretty blonde stood leaning against Louis car.    "maybe..who are you" I asked looking around. I looked back and there was a glint in her eye. "I'm Jay's  wife" She said sweetly stepping closer as I felt my heart miss a beat. I stepped back alarmed and looked for Louis. This can't be happening I haven't trained at all yet!   "where's Jay...sent you to do his dirty work?" I asked. Forcing every part of me to be brave and to show that I wasn't scared. She laughed and before I new it i was against the car with her tight grip around my throat.   "Jay would be here..but Harry is busy entertaining him...with Annie? Is that her name?" she asked smiling evilly at me. My breathe caught and I felt it even harder to breathe, her grip getting tighter.   "have you got anything to say before your last breathe?" she asked as I looked behind her. Louis stood behind her and winked at me. I nodded as best I could and she looked behind her seeing Louis. She let go of me in surprise and turned to him.  "Ray, how lovely to see you" Louis muttered as she laughed.   "you can't protect her, I'll just kill you to if you try Louis" She sneered as she tried to punch him, he caught her hand but with quick movement she swiped his legs from under him and held him down on the floor.   "it's a pity to end you..your such a good looker" She mumbled as she pulled a wooden think from her belt.  "Noo!" I scream jumping on her back knocking her over. Louis kicked the wooden steak over to me and I picked it up quickly.   The girl he called Ray had hit her head and lay with her eyes closed already. "she isn't dead Maisie you have to do it. Where the heart is" Louis muttered as he then yelped in pain from we he had landed on stones.    "she will wake any minute" He warned me as I thought of Jay killing my father. I looked back at the what looked like human, but I new she was evil and it wasn't a crime. I swallowed before lifting the steak and slamming it into her body. It went straight it, and straight to the heart.   I watched as she gasped and twitched her leg before turning a blue colour, her eyes went silver instead of green.    Louis got up looking fine but still in pain. "whats a matter?" I asked him as he pulled up his shirt. I saw the blood stained around it but the cut was healing.  "she managed to get me with it. But it's not faithful..I'll be fine after some blood" he told me.   I nodded at him and dropped the steak. I looked back over at Rays body. "Jay is defiantly going to kill me now" I thought out load. Louis laughed and slung his arm around me.   "you didn't have to save me you know, but thanks. Jay doesn't care about her he just married her, he only cares for himself" Louis stated as I opened his car door and told him to sit down.    I got my phone out and called Niall; M- me    N- Niall   N-  hey May whats up? M- uhm Louis said to say I need you to get rid of a body. N- what? You've killed already? Who? Where are you? M- at the cafe Louis said you know where and Ray. N- shit may! Okay I'll be there in one minute, I'm bringing Zayn.   I ended the call and pulled the body the other side of the car do no one could see it.  "can I help you at all?" I asked Louis as he rested his head on the chair. "I can't drive with this pain" he moaned. I sat down next to him and closed my eyes. "you need blood right?" I asked him as he nodded his head.   I rolled my sleeve up and laid my arm in his hands. He used his little strength to move his head and look down. "May..no..I can't I'm use to animal blood" he mumbled as I breathed a couple of times.   "I trust you." was all I said. He smiled and brought my arm up to his mouth. I closed my eyes tight as I felt something sharp pierce the skin of my arm, and my blood flow out. He pulled his head up after just a little bit. His eyes were black and his veins stuck out. He sat back gasping and blinking as his face went back to normal. He looked over at me as I tore some of Rays t-shirt and wrapped it round my arm, also getting rid of the blood.   "harry will kill me if he sees that...the only way to get it to clear up is to now drink my blood" he tells me with a worried look on his face. I sighed and went back over to him.  "fine..I'll do it so that he don't kill you" I tell him wincing as he but himself and then put his arm to my mouth. "you have to drink it, it will clear up quickly" he told me as I felt the taste of his blood in my mouth. I forced myself to swallow it and stepped back.   "Louis! Maisie!?" I jumped hearing Niall's voice and rolled my sleeve down running round the car. I ran straight to him and he pulled me into a hug.   "hey it's okay" he whispered. They walked behind the car, Niall still holding me close to him. Zayn looked to the body and then to Louis. "please tell me you didn't...please tell me it's Maisie's handy work" Zayn pleaded as I felt tears in my eyes.  "she's a really good slayer brother i'd be careful" he told him winking at me, as I just felt tears in my eyes.    I looked over at Rays lifeless body, her blonde hair. I felt myself shaking and couldn't stop the tears. "Hey Maisie, don't cry babe" Niall mumbled pulling away from the body and opening the boot. He sat me down inside it and climbed in. Pulling my into a hug.    Louis came round and looked at Niall. "were going to ditch it...look after her while we're gone" He ordered as Niall nodded and put his hand in mine.  I forced myself to stop crying and sat up. "I'm sorry I just can't believe I killed her" I sobbed as he wiped my tears from my eyes with his thumb.   "I know princess..but if you didn't Jay would have anyway" he told me. "why did Zayn plead that Louis didn't kill her?" I asked worried a little.   He sighed and rested back, he looked at me and took a strand of my hair in his heads and played with it. "because of Harry being the chosen one..we can only kill other vampires when he says...vampires can't kill other vampires it's against the vampire law...unless they breach the Vampire code" he explained as I processed this new information.   I moved closer to him laying down on my belly and resting my head in my hands. "okay...and what's the code?"  I asked not knowing If I wanted or could know the answer. He brushed my hair from my face and left his hand on my cheek a lot longer than he needed to.    "Harry set a new code, that all vampires had to live on animal blood or blood from a blood bank. No killing humans. If vampires kill humans then they can then be destroyed by any other vampire" he replied as my eyes widened.   "this looks cosy?" Louis blurted out as I looked out of the boot. Zayn stood standing awkwardly behind Louis as Louis stood looking hurt and frowning at us.    "I was just explaining-"  "yeah I heard" Louis snapped cutting Niall of from his sentence.


Author's note;

Hope you like another chapter or 2 to upload tonight and then I will get writing more in the morning. Hope everyones had a good day at school or college or whatever you all have been up to. Please leave some feedback Id love to hear from you all!x

~Kat x

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