White Lips. Pale Face

It's my first time doing this type of story, so please be nice and bare with me. This story is about Maisie who's 17 and goes to school with her best mate Hannah, but what happens when a new family moves in down the road and 5 boys join the school. When people go missing and when strange things start happening at school when will she work out the boys terrifying secret? When will she ever get her life back to normal.

After everything that happens in her life, it leaves her thinking. Was she ever Normal?

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7. The Necklace reveals a lot.

Chapter 7

Maisie's pov;

I ran to close getting there just in time as everyone started piling into the maths room. Harry stood, hung back from the rest, he looked more pale than usual and was biting his lip staring into space. "problem?" I asked him surprising him by being at his side while he was daydreaming. He jumped and then smiled at me, but i could tell it was fake, his smile didn't agree with his eyes that looked worried?

"would you like to honor us with your appearance?" Mrs Harmen asked standing by her door as I mumbled under my breathe. "Not really" and Harry started to laugh. "oh I'm sorry did I miss the joke?" She asked sternly pointing into the classroom. "I don't know did you?" I asked politely and smiled at her, walking into the classroom. She glared at me but didn't comment back as Harry looked shocked but smirked at our teacher.

We took our seats and Mrs Harmen started going on about a maths project. "Today, this project will be done in pairs and it's more like a test, you have a big booklet full of math problems of all difficulty, the first pair to finish and win get a prize. The second get a smaller prize" She continued going around handing out certain people booklets.

Everyone sat up chatting about what the prize could be. "I want you all to pick your partner carefully because you will also be graded but your math skills, I also want to see both partners doing the work"  She stopped talking and sat down. People started moving around the room and finding someone to work with. I looked around. There was no one I really wanted to work with, until I spotted Harry. He was looking straight back at me smiling. He pointed at himself and then at me and smirked.

I couldn't help but laugh and just nod as he jumped up knocking his chair over. "Styles?" Mrs Harmen shouted surprised by the load noise. "sorry..my bad" He said making his way round the tables. She watched him closely as he found his way to the now empty chair next to me and plumped himself down pulling the booklet over to him instead of in front of me. He opened it and started of the first question till there was a knock on the door. The whole class looped up to see Mrs Port as she asked to talk to Mrs Harmen. 

The class erupted into loud chatter as we saw the teacher and the exit the classroom and move down the hall. Harry looked to me and stuck his tongue out as I kicked him under the table. It didn't hurt him, he just pouted at me. "That could have hurt" He whined as I shrugged my shoulders at him. "But it didn't?"  I asked curious as he shifted in his seat. He looked uncomfortable.

I let him continue with the maths as I rummaged around in my bag, pulling out the diary to get to my pencil case. As I pulled the diary out something dropped from it onto the floor. I bent down to pick it up causing Harry to stop what he was doing to see what I was doing. "May?" He asked in an alarmed tone. I picked up the necklace that had dropped from the diary. It was so pretty with a bright red stone in the middle of a circular whirling metal around it. Giving it a great effect.

Before Harry could notice I put it on quickly so I could examine it properly later alone. Sitting up straight I looked at him puzzled. "dropped my pen" I lied as he frowned at me and stared at me. He slammed his pen down on the table and glared at me. "What have you done?" He asked annoyed as I glanced around puzzled. He pushed my hair aside and his hand found the necklace. I pulled my hair back round and chewed on my pen.

"how did you know I was wearing it..what is it?" I asked him as his eyes widened. "tell me where you found it" He hissed back at me as Mrs Harmen walked back in. "Why does it matter" I snapped back, he glared at me and then shrugged. "it doesn't I just wondered It's pretty" He said before asking me about a fraction question. The rest of the lesson we worked on the maths project as the bell went, Hannah met me outside the classroom. "English here we come" She moaned as I laughed and looked around for Annie, who normally joined us for English.

As we come round the corner for English the substitute teacher was standing outside. I couldn't pronounce his name so I made a mental note to just call him Sir. "don't sit down class, we're going to library to just read this lesson" He told us as Hannah squealed with excitement. That meant she would spend the whole time texting Brad.

We walked in silence to the library as Annie caught us up. Her blonde hair flying around as she ran.  "hey Maisie how you been?" She asked pulling me into a hug as I hugged her back and started to talking to her. I noticed Hannah had already gone somewhere. We arrived at the library and everyone grabbed books and made there way to seats. I walked over to the 'Myths' section again and took a random book from the shelf, then walked of into the corner where no one could see me to well. 

I sat down placing the book beside me and pulled out the diary. Turning to one of the entries and reading;

Tuesday 31st

7:55 pm

I saw them again today. The leader called Trace. I watched him making notes in my head. If I kill him I can stop all this. Me and my wife have had a baby girl. I need to make sure she can be safe, and brought into a world where there is no evil.

Another girl went missing, they haven't found her body, just blood and they've gave up the search. My aunt is a witch and I managed to get her to put spells on two necklaces, one I have gave to my wife and the other I will slip into here for my beautiful little girl.

The spell makes vampires not be able to compel whoever is wearing it and they will fail to read mind or wipe any memories.

My aim now; Is to kill Trace Styles


My mouth went dry and my heart started thumping as I felt a hand on my shoulder. "you okay miss.." I looked up slamming my book closed and seeing the substitute teacher looking down at me. "Roland" I tolled him putting the diary back into my bag and picking up the other book. He nodded and walked away. Trace Styles?..if he was a vampire..would that mean?

Harry's pov;

I was in PE with my brothers and Brad. We were running around the field. "Whats up?" Louis asked at my side as I pulled a headphone out. "She has a necklace" I spat out frowning as Louis started laughing. "..and that means?" He asked running faster to catch up with me. "It stops me from being able to read her mind. The diary she's reading..what if it says anything about us..or Trace" I asked stopping and sitting down as the rest started playing football. He tapped his fingers on his leg thinking.

"Well then we need to find out, it's lunch next we will have to talk to her" He suggested as I nodded but something made me feel more worried. What if she didn't understand, or gets scared?. After all she is in the blood line of a slayer. One day her role is to kill the likes of me.

My emotions raged and i felt anger. I needed her in my life, I don't want her to hate me, I want to care for and protect her.

"You love her then" Louis spoke out loud. He stepped back as I pushed him to the floor. "stay the fuck out of my mind. Don't you ever repeat them words okay!" I tell him as he gets up nods and backs away.

"Hey you the man" He snaps back, walking away laughing at me. Sometimes I hate the fact that I'm the one with the power and the youngest. It means they don;t take me seriously. But after Trace died my father took control and when he died I got chosen. I am now the leader of all Vampires around the world. Deep down I know my brothers have some resentment against me because of it, but there my brothers they're always going to support me.



Authors note:

Woo New chapter. Sorry I'm updating them so slowly. I have like up to chapter 11 written out on my Ipod notes, unfortunately because I don't have internet on my ipod as I'm away I can't easily upload them and instead have to copy them all out on my laptop. I am spending most of my holiday writing new chapters and thinking of new ideas for the story, and uploading them on here though. NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING I LOVE IT :) 

 Anyway I will hopefully upload another chapter tomorrow. Thank you all for reading and for being patient. Also THANK YOU SO MUCH for the amount of favs this story has now, 7 already!! 

The amount of reads, fav, comments and likes this story gets makes me so happy, Im glad you all like it, and well even if you don't thanks for reading and why not leave some feedback? I love to hear what you like and dislike so that I can change it or improve. 

Your all amazing people, never forget that, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise because you are AMAZING :) 

~Katie *.* x

P.s, I'll leave you with this heart whelming picture of the wonderful Mr Harry Styles. This is how i pictured him looking at Maisie in maths for the project. ( if you cant see it because your not on the computer im going to post it as a mumble to ) x

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