White Lips. Pale Face

It's my first time doing this type of story, so please be nice and bare with me. This story is about Maisie who's 17 and goes to school with her best mate Hannah, but what happens when a new family moves in down the road and 5 boys join the school. When people go missing and when strange things start happening at school when will she work out the boys terrifying secret? When will she ever get her life back to normal.

After everything that happens in her life, it leaves her thinking. Was she ever Normal?

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6. The Letter..The Diary

Chapter 6

Maisie's pov;

I woke up alone in the tree house, I was curled up with the blanket wrapped tightly around me. A note was laying on the bean bag beside me;

May, when you wake an read this, I will be gone. I had to leave to help clean up the house. Thank you for last night, I will see you in school...Maths first ;)

~Your protector 

Harry xx

I laughed and slipped the note in my dressing gown pocket, climbing down the tree house stairs instead of taking the branch route. I walked into the house the back door strangely but thankfully unlocked. I glanced up at the time, 5:30 pm. It was so early for me to be awake, I switched the kettle on and make a cup of tea before walking through the hallway. I stopped at the basement door and unlocked it.

I hadn't been down there for ages since we moved things around, I turned the light on and made my way down the basement stairs. Instantly spotting the old red sofa and the table tennis. I smiled as I made my way over to the sofa sitting down on it and placing my drink down on a small table beside it.

Glancing around I saw boxes packed up. I lent over and pulled one to me blowing the dust of them. I opened the box to see books. Diary's. My mum had never kept a diary and neither had I.

Picking up the top book I turned the first page not sure If it should be reading them or not...aren't they private?. It had no keep out warning though?

'The truth about the city of Mayland'

Was written on the first page. I tensed up as I looked at who wrote it...my dad?

'written by Christopher Roland'

I turned the page quickly seeing drawn pictures of..people?. I began to read the first entry;

Monday 12th April 1990.

9:55 Pm

I saw them again today. Each day there's more of them. Yet another girl went missing to. I found my Grandad's Diary's they explained to me what these evil things that walk this town are. I can only hope they stay away from my wife. I know I need to take charge to keep Mayland town people safe

I need to do the job passed down through generations. I need to rid this world from these evil creatures.


I frowned and turned the page seeing the next entry. Each time it started with 'I saw them again today'. who where they? I did quick maths trying to work out how old he was in 1990..he would have been 23. That meant he died 8 years after at the age of 31.

I never new much about my dads death because I was only 2 when he died.

I took a sip of my tea and picked an entry half way through the the diary;

Wednesday 18th June 1990

10:30 pm

I saw them again today. More people have been going missing. It started of just blonde girls, but now all types of girls aging from 12-20 have been going missing.

I followed one the other day. He was going to attack but i did my job. I got rid of him and watched the light fade from his eyes as he went to hell where he belonged.

I did as the Diary's suggested I made my weapons and I will help make this town safe.

I will stop Vampires from taking over this town, if its the last thing I will do.


I threw the book on the sofa beside me and stared into space, Was he for real? Vampires? I grabbed my tea and my heart started rapidly beating as I heard footsteps. My mum stood on the stairs staring down at me.

"May are you okay darling?" I nodded and stared at my tea. She came down the stairs and I quickly slid the book in the box and the box away from me. She sat down beside me and took my tea taking a sip and handing it back to me.

"Mum..did dad have any problems ..like did he go crazy before he died or anything?" I asked as she gave no emotion in her and then stared at me. "course not hunny why do you ask?" I shake my head and she shrugs at me.

"I just wondered...I don't really no anything about him" I told her as she stood up and pulled me up and directed me to the stairs.  " I know hunny but all you need to know is he was a good man" She told me kissing me on the head. "Now go wake Hannah, have some breakfast and then get ready it's 6:28am and i don't want you girls being late" She told me before climbing the basement stairs. I waited till she had gone before running back and collecting the book.

I ran up the stairs and slipped it into my school bag before going to wake Hannah. If he didn't go crazy then it meant it was true? I needed to go to the library. I ran in waking Hannah and collecting my uniform. I changed quickly in the  bathroom and out my hair up in a bun. I slid all my books into my bag and ran to check on Hannah. She was nowhere near ready.

"Hannah hurry up I need to go to the library before class" I hurried her as she moaned. "go without me i'll call Brad and Melanie to come meet me" She yelled, I called out bye and ran down the stairs kissing my mum on the cheek before rushing out the door.

I quickly walked all the way down the road and round the corner and to the school but slowed down as I saw Liam standing at the gate.  "whats the hurry" He called out as he smiled sweetly at me. "Need to go library..uhm project due in soon" I told him as I walked by he frowned and shook his head walking by my side.

"Think im stupid?" Thats the oldest lie in the book...what's going on?" Liam asked as I sighed. I shouldn't tell him, I know nothing about him and him and his brothers are weird . Although maybe that's what I needed it would all make sense to him. 

I grabbed his hand and pulled him into school and into the library. "I need your help, sit down" I order as he frowns but sits. I walk along the rows of cabinets and pick out  books from the "myths" section. Running back to where Liam sat i placed them in front of him.

"W-whats this?" He asked stuttering as he skimmed through the books. Then stared at me. I sat down and pulled out my dads Dairy and opened it at the last page I had read. I then took the book and skipped to the pages about vampires. Liam shifted in his seat. "ants in your pants?" I asked laughing at him as he gulped and then slid the book over to him and read it. "who is this, Maisie?" Liam asked as i stopped reading.

"My dads I found it this morning, I don't have any idea what he is on about..it can't be true can it?" I said staring at him as he glanced around and then shook his head. "uhm of course not". He sounded unsure and I felt all blood drain from my face.

"It is isn't it" I asked. He sighed and stood up walking over to the newspapers selecting one and walking back over. He flicked through some pages and then stopped. He nodded and slid it over to me.

There sitting in front of me was an article about my dad, his picture there. "your dad was a vampire slayer" He chocked out before looking scared and running out of the library. I gathered the newspaper and filed it away. I put the diary in my bag and checked out the 'myths' book before walking out of the library.

Liams pov;

I ran out of the library, and down the corridor till I found the boys. "you have to s-stay away from her" I warned Harry and Niall as they shook there heads. "Who? Why?" Harry asked. "Not here" I warned running out and going towards the field the boys close behind me.

We made our way to the parts where no one else where. "Now tell us" Niall demanded. "Maisie...her dads a vampire slayer" I blurted out feeling myself go even more paler than usual as the boys stared at me. "What?!" Louis shouted. "she found a diary of his, he wrote about vampires and how he killed them. He is Christopher Roland...He killed Trace" I told them

Harry stepped forwards..."and then 6 years later Jay killed him" Harry stated remembering the family stories. Jay was our uncle and was still around. "you have to tell her Harry..she's already close to finding out" I told him as the bell went and Harry nodded.

"i'll tell her today I swear" He said. "we all nodded and Zayn looked dazed. "i tried to bite her...I tried to bite the best vampire slayer in the worlds daughter" He looked down at the ground looking scared.

Harry patted his shoulder, "but you didn't..don't worry I won't let her kill you when she finds out she has to take the job on"  He told Zayn with a glint in his eye.

"it's not funny Harry. She could just as well slay you, when she finds out" I yell. He shaked his head. "she wouldn't" He mumbled not sounding to sure.

"Better get to class" Louis mumbled before running of, the rest of the boys did the same as I followed. Hoping that we could sort this mess out.


Authors note;

Omg this story has 7 Favs so far! Thank you all so much, I hope you like this chapter sorry it took a while to update. I went to play snooker half way through typing it out. Please continue to read and leave comments and maybe you could recommended this story to your friends? Or read Chase me (Niall Horan Fanfic) By Briana and Me...we are writing the sequel to it really soon! :)

I hope to have another chapter or so up tomorrow I have a few more chapters on my ipod and will write more tonight to. Hope everyone is enjoying or enjoyed their holidays. 

Thank you all so much!!x

(P.s some of the chapters are going to be either like Vampire Diary's or Twilight or some other books or films, Im using other ideas in with my own. So please dont hate me for that :) )

~Katie *.* x

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