White Lips. Pale Face

It's my first time doing this type of story, so please be nice and bare with me. This story is about Maisie who's 17 and goes to school with her best mate Hannah, but what happens when a new family moves in down the road and 5 boys join the school. When people go missing and when strange things start happening at school when will she work out the boys terrifying secret? When will she ever get her life back to normal.

After everything that happens in her life, it leaves her thinking. Was she ever Normal?

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9. Staying with the Style's

Chapter 9;

Maisie's pov;

The bell rang and I ran from the classroom. Second day back at school was now over, and It seemed to be an interesting Tuesday. "Missed me?" I turned seeing Harry leaning against the wall near the classroom I came out of. I frowned but walked up to him. "Stalking me styles?" I asked. He raised his eyebrows and chuckled as the other boys walked over talking about their classes.

"Ready to get going home then?" Liam asked them all as they nodded. "how are we going to get May there thought?" Niall asked as they all stared down at me. Harry bit his lip and then took my hand in his. "exactly the way we would. She just has to hold on tight" He told them as they shook their heads and mumbled stuff. "not sure if that's a good idea Haz think about it" Zayn tried reasoning with him but Harry just shrugged.

"What I say goes, you lot go we will catch you up" He told them, the boys didn't move and stared at me then at Harry. "GO" Harry instructed, They all looked at each other and then seemed to vanish. "wow how did they do that?" I gasped in disbelief as Harry just smiled at me. "We can ran fast!" He added before pulling me into him. "if you wanted a hug Harry you only had to ask" I tell him as he smirks. "i don't ask I take...but seriously hold on tight and don't let go at all" Harry said as I gripped his t-shirt. He didn't move for a while just stood there smiling as if he was enjoying it.

Then wind started to attack my hair, my eyes were forced shut, my head jolted back a bit as If I was on a roller-coaster. The air seemed to be attacking me more and more. Then before i new it everything had stopped and I was standing outside Harry's house. Still holding tight to Harry's t-shirt he was just looking down at me. I looked up to see the 4 brothers standing in line facing the house.

"We have a problem Haz" Louis announced in an excited tone. Harry looked up and grunted. "great the council are here". He let go of me but took my hand and pulled me over to the others. "I need you to do as I say now okay?" He told everyone as we all nodded. "Me and Louis will go in first, I want you Maisie to stand behind me, with Niall and Zayn at your side and Liam behind her" Harry strictly told them as we formed the set. He turned around winking at me. "don't worry we all will protect you" He whispered facing forward, and starting to walk up to the house and into it.

Once he pushed open the door it didn't take us long to be standing in the front room of the house. At the table was the boys mum and about 3 men, they had capes on and looked really evil. "Ah Harry there you are we have important news about your uncl.." One of them said standing up and walking over, he didn't finish his sentence as he saw me. He sniffed the air and backed away.  "A SLAYER!..you brought a slayer into your house?" He asked taken aback as the boys mum got up and swiftly made her way over. "Maisie is a friend as in always welcomed in this house" She said smiling at me and glaring at the tall dark haired man. Louis glanced back at me to check I was okay, and Niall put his hand in mine and squeezed it.

"you have a slayer as your friend!" He shouted. He moved to the side to see me and gestured for me to go to him. Harry and Louis their arms out so he couldn't go near me but I stepped forward and whispered to them "its okay". Louis dropped his arm but Harry hesitated before putting his hand on my back and pushing me forward a little.

" you are not to harm her, if any of you do then I shall not even think twice about ending you and ramming a steak through whats left of your hearts" Harry warned them coldly taking a seat at the table. The rest of the boys followed, but there mum walked over putting her hand on my shoulder.  The man in front of me put his finger under my chin tilting my head to the side and examining me. "do you mind, I'm not a trophy" i spat as he just laughed in my face.

"Yeah defiantly Christopher's daughter..feisty one you are" He told no one in particular. My whole body went stiff. "how did you know who I was?" I asked him as he glared at my necklace. "the pretty thing around your neck helps, other than that, your looks and I can smell it in your blood..your a powerful slayer" He said returning to his chair as the other guy stood up.

"What was your news about my uncle?" Harry asked sternly as they nodded to each other. "he is back..and we have been informed..he is back to destroy..you know who" He told Harry leaving words out that could finish his sentence. I walked over to the table and banged my fist on it. Wincing but forgetting the pain.

"what does he want to destroy? TELL ME!"  I half shouted and asked. Mrs Styles sighed and out her arm around me pulling me away from the table. She bent down and looked me in the eyes. "it's not what darling, It's who" She said softly taking my hand in hers. She stared at me for a while longer. "is there anything we can do?" She asked staring straight at Harry. He shrugged. "i'm the chosen one, the one with the power he will just have to do as I say or die won't he?" He asked the two men as they just nodded but then shrugged and shook their heads at the same time.

"He wont stop till he has her dead...the last of the bloodline. It will be a hard battle against him..it will only end in his death...or hers" They told him before walking to the door.

"obviously you control us to, and we under your control will do our best to help the girl stay alive and help you all..but for now all we can do is sit and wait. He will come soon" They announced before closing the door.  "me? He wants me dead?" I asked as my mum walked down the stairs. "What are you doing here?" I asked as she gave a shriek of surprise but came running down and picked me up into a hug.

"I'm sorry..I should have told you, I just wanted you to have a normal life" She whispered in my ear stroking my hair. I stepped back and took her hand in mine. "you cant hide that I'm not normal mum" I told her as she smiled and nodded. "i shall make some tea, why don't we all go sit on the sofa's" The boy's mum said walking into the kitchen, as the boys got up from the table. Liam came round picking me up and carrying me into the other room. "Put me down" I told him through laughter as he dropped me on the sofa and sat down beside me. "Liam?" I thought in my mind praying he'd be able to talk to me. There was no reply so i slid my necklace of. "Liam?" I thought again as he jumped beside me. 

"what?! Did you take that necklace of, May put it back on" He thought back as I gave a little laugh and gripped the necklace. "wait I just wondered whats your mums name?" i asked as he took the necklace out of my hand and clasped it back round my neck. "Anne" He said out-load briefly smiling at me and then standing up. 


A few hours later I was sitting in Harry's room, wearing one of his shirts to sleep in, as I had only got my school uniform with me.  "seeing as you and your mum are staying for a while, me and Louis will go get some of your stuff tomorrow..it's not safe for you two to go back yet" He told me softly sitting down and passing me his laptop.

"Why isn't it safe, I'm not a child Harry. I'm 17" I told him logging on to my Facebook to see I had two messages. "Because we don't know if it was Jay that did over your house May and I'm not letting him get to you" Harry told me looking over my shoulder as I clicked on the message from Annie, I saw that it had been sent to loads of people and it was a group chat;

Dear all of Annie's friends, Annie didn't come home from school today, we didn't want to jump to conclusions but it's been hours and she still isn't home or answering her phone. We are really worried if anyone has seen her could you please contact us or get her to come home?

Thank you all

Mr&Mrs Pierce.

I gasped looking at the comments saying they hadn't seen her. I clicked on my other message seeing it was from Hannah;

Omfg have you heard that Annie's missing? Me and Brad are going to look for her now, Mel is trying to ring her over and over! have you heard from her you two are close?

I felt tears well up in my eyes as I jumped up pulling my school uniform back on. "what are you doing?" Harry asked as he rubbed his neck. I looked at him confused. "I'm going out to look for her what do you think?" I shouted as he jogged over to his draw and threw me a pair of his skinny jeans. "were about the same size should fit" He said grabbing his jacket too. I put his jeans on instead and sent a message to Hannah;

yeah just heard! Going to go out looking for her I hope to god she's okay!

I signed out of Facebook and slipped my shoes on. "what are you doing?" I asked Harry as he threw me a jumper to out on over his t-shirt. "Well you don't think i'm going to let you go searching for her alone when Jay is roaming around somewhere do you!" He stated calling out to the others as they quickly appeared at the door. I stared at them as my dads diary flashed in my mind. "another girl went missing, It started with the blondes" A shiver went down my spine.

"She's blonde" I stated as Louis gulped and swore under his breathe. Harry turned and frowned at me. "sorry what?" He asked hopping from foot to foot. "Nothing doesn't matter" I mumbled walking past him and out the door turning to Louis. "you better hope he hasn't got her, you better hope she's still alive" I whispered angrily to him as he looked around and then rushed past me. "I'm going to look in the north part of the woods" He shouted as the rest followed him parting ways.

Liam and Harry stayed at my side. "we go where you go" Liam said nodding at me as I ran down the stairs, them close behind me. I called Hannah on my way;

 M- Me    H- Hannah;

H- hey Maisie!

M- Hey Han, any luck where are you searching?

H- Most of the towns out, no ones found her yet, we're still searching the town shops but a group of people went to look at the drop of, a lot of people go there.

M- Okay we'll the boys and I are searching the woods and me and Harry and Liam are going to search it to. I'll let you no if we find her or anything.

She mumbled okay and be careful before hanging up. Liam took hold of my waist telling me to hold on tight. Harry disappeared and I felt myself gripping Liam as hard as I could. My eyes closed as the wind attacked again and when I opened my eyes I was standing in the middle of the woods. Harry smiling at my side as I let go of Liam.

I thanked him and brushed myself down. Before looking around the dark woods. Harry pasted me a torch and I pressed it on. Bright light shown on the trees as I heard rustling. I turned quickly jumping as Louis jumped out of one of them. "LOUIS!..that's not funny!" I screamed as he started to laugh but Liam shot him a glare and rested his hand on my shoulder as I took rapid breathes trying not to scream again.

I bent down picking up a thick branch stick. The boys backed away and Louis looked alarmed. "what i need to protect myself..what if he is around..and in case you notice this woods seems to have a lot of vampires in them"  I told them shrugging as Louis turned to Harry and Liam. "haven't found a body yet" Louis grunted as I slapped his shoulder. "be positive please! She's my friend" I told him. "Hello" I turned quickly shining the light around hearing a voice call Hello.

"What?" Harry asked as the boys stood by my side fist clenched and Louis behind me. Resting his hand on my waist to let me no he was there.


Authors note;

Ooo what do you thinks going to happen next? Is Annie going to be okay? Hope you all like this chapter. I have like 4 other chapters to upload so far but its taking longer than i thought to copy them out. I'm not sure if I can get any more up today but I'll update two more or as many as I can tomorrow. Sorry to leave you all in suspense! 

Thank you all for reading thought, and welcome to the new readers if you got this far. Thanks to everyone who faved and Liked! :) It means a lot to me. Please give some Feedback I love to chat to you all and get you all involved in the story. 

~K x

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