White Lips. Pale Face

It's my first time doing this type of story, so please be nice and bare with me. This story is about Maisie who's 17 and goes to school with her best mate Hannah, but what happens when a new family moves in down the road and 5 boys join the school. When people go missing and when strange things start happening at school when will she work out the boys terrifying secret? When will she ever get her life back to normal.

After everything that happens in her life, it leaves her thinking. Was she ever Normal?

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10. Searching for Annie!x

Chapter 10   Hannah's pov:    I ran round the shops, tears falling from my eyes as I remembered English classes with her and parties. We weren't close but she was a friend and I just wanted her safe.    "she's not here, where is she" I turned around asking Brad as he pulled me into a hug and kissed my head.  "it's okay baby she will be fine, I'm sure she will come home when she's ready" He said trying to calm me. It wasn't working. I pulled away and pulled myself together.   "we need to continue looking till we someone finds her" I told him walking over to some people that where putting up posters.   Maisie's pov;   I stepped forward into the darkness, Louis hand gripped my arm as I hissed at him to let go. I shined the light around where the voice came from.    "who's there?" I shouted waiting for a reply. I stepped forward more to scan the woods. Gripping the wood in my head tighter, I don't know what I was going to do with it but it made me feel better.    "help please" the voice came again. Harry ran to my side, "The voice isn't far away, let's hope this is Annie" He whispered as I took of in a sprint towards the direction I heard her.  "Annie! It's Maisie where are you?" I yelled shining the light on the ground. I stopped seeing a trace of blood and felt all the blood drain from my face. My body started to go limp.   "ANNIE!!" I screamed as Louis stared down at the blood on the floor. Harry sped of and shouted for me. "Come on, think he has found her" Liam said at my side pushing me the way Harry went. I started running, pushing aback another scream as I pushed through some trees. I saw Harry bent down, Annie was laying on the floor blooding running down her neck and around her.  Her eyes fluttered and she caught her breathe "Maisie" she chocked out.   The tears came rushing as I bent down next to my friend, her blonde hair mixed with mud and blood. Her eyes looked lifeless. Anger built up in my body as I looked at where the blood was coming from.   "it was him it had to be!" I whispered as Louis nodded. "Harry do something!" I screamed at him as he looked down at her closing his eyes.   "Maisie she's lost to much blood, she's near enough dead. The only way to save her would be to turn her. That's not a choice I can make" He mumbled opening his eyes again. I stood up and paced up and down.   "do it" I stated stopping as his eyes widened when he looked at me. "what!?" he said puzzled as I ran back to her body and grabbed her hand.   "turn her...I can't let her die Harry I can't" I pleaded him. He looked to Louis and Liam and they nodded as Zayn and Niall appeared.    Niall saw Annie and backed off walking towards the furthest tree. "can't control his thirst" Zayn told me smirking and falling his brother to help calm him.   "harry you have to do it now she's nearly gone" Louis said nudging him.  "only you can do it legally" Liam stated as Harry nodded. "May you might want to look away" He told me as I shook my head. He shrugged and pulled his sleeve to his arm down. He bit his arm drawing blood and put it to Annie's mouth but he didn't give her much before he pulled away.    I watched as his bite faded away and there was no sign of blood. Annie's eyes fluttered and her bite mark on her neck faded just leaving loads of blood.   "whys she still dying?" I screamed at him as Liam came round and pulled me away and into his arms. Harry looked at me sad before walking of into the trees. "it's okay May she has to die now to come back as a one of us, we will take her back" Liam told me. I watched Louis slip his hands under Annie's limp body and run of. As Liam wrapped his arm around my waist and I held on tight. This time knowing what was coming.   When we arrived back at the boys house Harry still wasn't there. "where did he go?" I asked Liam as he kissed my head and sat me down on the step outside the house.  "Harry doesn't like turning people. He wouldn't have normally done it. He doesn't want anyone to have this life because he hates it" Liam told me softly as I frowned at him. "they why did he do it If he don't like doing it" I asked as Liam smiled at me and patted my leg.    "because you wanted him to...he did it for you May" Liam told me before Louis ran out. "she's waking, you need to go get Harry NOW" Louis stated with worry on his face as I scrambled to stand and rushed in the house.   "Annie!" I yelled as she sat rubbing her head and smiling at me. "I'm so sorry" I said through tears as she pulled me into a hug.    "what for?" she asked worried as Harry and Liam appeared at the doorway and Harry walked in not his happy self. He bent down in front of her.  Louis returned with a drink and Harry took it putting it in Annie's hands.    "you need to drink this to complete the transition or you will die Annie" he told her as she looked down at the drink in her hand. "but..it's blood" she asked frightened as I slipped my hand in hers and made her look at me.   "I know this is scary Annie..but you were attacked by a vampire and if you don't drink this to become one your going to die" I told her taking the drink and the smell made me gag.  I put the cup to her mouth and she shook her head at me. "please Annie I can't let you die" I told her as her eyes darkened.   Harry grabbed the cup and yelled at me to go to the door. I stood up and didn't move. "MAY DO AS I SAY FOR ONCE PLEASE!" Harry yelled as I walked over to Louis and he put his hand on my waist and pulled me to the side of him and Liam.   "what's happening" I whispered shaking. Louis looked down at me and smiled before taking my hand and pulling me upstairs and into Harry's room. I sat on the bed an he sat beside me.   "everything's okay Maise she just smelt the blood, and well she won't be able to control her thirst for a while. She needs to Learn to control herself" he told me as I folded my legs and and rested my head on them. My mum ran in and pulled me into a hug.   "I thought you got hurt" she told me crying and I pulled away. "why?" I asked as she frowned. "you didn't see him?" she asked as I shook my head and Louis gripped my hand.   "who?" I asked as my mum spluttered at the words I was hoping she wouldn't. "J-Jay...he came here"   I grabbed my bag and pulled out the diary and flicked through some pages before turning to my Mum and Louis: M- me  L- Louis  Mu- mum   M- he isn't going to stop, we already had to turn Annie because of him.   Mu- what!? Where is she?   L- downstairs. There isn't much we can do Maize.   M- there's something I can do though....I can destroy him   Mu- NO! YOU WILL GET HURT MAY HE KILLED YOUR DAD, HE IS CAPABLE OF ANYTHING"    L- You can't your not trained you no nothing about killing vampires. Harry would forbid you to.   M- it's not Harry's choice, and I'll train now I won't stop till I'm able to kill him. I can't just sit around and do nothing!   My mum stands up and takes my hand. "your dad would be proud of you, but you can't he didn't want this life for you" she told me as I wiped the tears from her eyes.   I turned to Louis. "you can't change my mind so will you help me train" I asked him as he looked outside and then back.    "fine first thing in the morning, we go on the field and you have to train to run, because where fast and you won't be able to escape unless you no how fast you have to run" he told me getting up and walking over to me. He looked at me with sadness in his eyes as my mum whispered goodnight and left the room.    "why do you have to do this" he whispered putting his head on mine an closing his eyes.  "before he kills anyone else" I whispered back as he chuckled and I felt his breathe hit my face. He nodded and opened his eyes looking into mine.   "that's not what I meant" he told me louder as he kissed my cheek and let go of my hand before walking to the door. "goodnight May see you bright and early".   I watched as he gave me another smile and then closed the door. I could only hear the ticking of the clock as I got changed back onto just Harry's t-Shirt and laid on his bed.   What did Louis mean? Why did Harry only turn Annie for me?   I was drifting in an out of sleep, Harry's window a little open letting the cool air fill the room. I heard his door creek open and felt the bed dip as someone  sat down beside me.   I opened my eyes a little smiling as Harry looked down at me with a weird expression on his face. "goodnight" I whispered as he snuggled himself down, and put his arm around me.   I have him some of the duvet and his free hand took mine in his as I rested my head on his chest.   "I'm going to be busy helping my mum train Annie to keep control, will you be okay with the others?" he asked, I heard the worry in his voice as I kept my eyes closed.   "of course I will...there vampires...I'm a vampire slayer" I replied jokingly as he started to laugh.    "your really going to take on that job?..when your sleeping with a vampire right now?" he asked as I looked up at him to see the cheeky glint in his eye.   "yeah..I'm just going to what till you sleep Styles ..it makes the kill so more exciting" I tell him smirking back at him.    "I'll look forward to it..now get some sleep...and try not to kill my brothers tomorrow please" he asked. I smiled and shrugged at him. "kill joy" I mumbled before resting my head back on his chest and going back to sleep.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Author's note; Okay Hope you like this chapter thank you all for reading, I will get the rest of the chapters up probably tonight and start writing more in the morning directcly on to here! :) I hope you like what you read please leave feedback, and press the like button, it seems to have more Favs than likes haha :) ~Kat x
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