White Lips. Pale Face

It's my first time doing this type of story, so please be nice and bare with me. This story is about Maisie who's 17 and goes to school with her best mate Hannah, but what happens when a new family moves in down the road and 5 boys join the school. When people go missing and when strange things start happening at school when will she work out the boys terrifying secret? When will she ever get her life back to normal.

After everything that happens in her life, it leaves her thinking. Was she ever Normal?

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2. School or scary prison

Authors note; This is Maisie's school outfit;



Chapter 2

Maisie's pov;

My alarm rang, waking me from my deep and lovely dreams. Hannah moaned as i hit the alarm to make it shut up. I looked at the time. 6:30 am. I new I had to get up or I would end up being late on the first day back. So i forced myself out of bed and pulled the convers of Hannah to make her get up to.

"why would you do that..your mean" Hannah cried out as she sat up and rubbed her eyes yawning and checking her phone. I grabbed my uniform, a black skirt, white shirt and blue blazer and walked into the bathroom to have a shower and then get changed. When I walked out of the bathroom, Hannah was on the phone and jumping up and down screaming a little.

"whats going on?" I mouthed as she pulled the phone away from her ear. "It's Melanie, She's outside school and the 5 boys have arrived she's describing them for me" Hannah said quietly as she went back to talking to Mel. I sighed plugging in my straighteners. It's weird, Melanie hadn't ever been at school until after 7am before so the fact she was there at 6:40 was a shocker.

I heard a knock on my door as my mother walked in. Dressed up in her suit and her hair in a bun on top of her head. "I'm of to work, don't be late for school and have a good first day back" She told us both giving me a kiss on the head and Hannah a hug before retreating downstairs and out the front door. Once we finished getting ready it was around half 7 we left my house, making sure to lock the door before walking to school. School wasn't far from my house so we didn't need to take the bus or car.


Melanie, Brad and a few of his mates were waiting by the gate for us as we neared the school. Hannah ran of in front of me towards Mel as she dragged her of somewhere. I walked over to Brad high fiving him and started play fighting with him and the other two boys with him. I stopped abruptly feeling eyes staring into my skull. I turned around seeing a curly haired boy standing by the benches staring at me. I smiled at him but he just looked away quickly before setting his eyes back on me. I turned back to Brad. "Who's the weird boy by the benches?" I asked Brad as his mates started to laugh. "one of the new kids, his names Harry that's all I know..all i care to as well" Brad replied to me before walking of to try find Hannah and Mel. I was left behind and I looked around to see if I could see anyone else i knew.

The bell went not long after and everyone made there way inside except for me, I wanted to enjoy the air before being stuck in a classroom that will drive me crazy or make me fall to sleep.

"Hello..aren't you a pretty one" I heard a voice say as I turned around to see a tall boy standing and looking at me, his eyes dark and his eyes staring straight into mine. He licked his lips and I went to turn around and walk away. I didn't like the tone in his voice. As I turned there was another boy the other side of me, he had blonde hair and the same kind of smile. I looked closely his skin tone was a pale white but he looked cute, they both did but something told me I needed to get out of this situation.

"Don't be scared" The same boy that spoke said putting his hand on my shoulder. Which sent a cold shiver down my spine. "I-I'm not" I tell him trying to make myself sound confident. I hear laughter and when I turn to looked theirs now three boys around me. "I think were going to like it here"  the same guy said stepping closer to me as I took a step back right into the arms of the blonde boy behind me.

"TAKE YOUR HANDS OF HER NIALL" I heard a husky deep voice shout as the curly haired boy walks into the group signalling me to go to him. I gulp and do what he suggests wanting to get away from who ever these boys where.

"oh come on Haz..we were only having a laugh" the one he called Niall replied to him as Harry shot him a glare. "fine but not with her! understand Louis?" He stated turning to the other boy, as the boys around me raised their eyebrows at him.

"Please...brother your to soft now days, you will be one of them soon if your not careful" Louis snapped at him as the others laughed. I watched confused as Harry's face went red. He squared up to his brother.

"unfortunately that can never be true. Also watch your tongue you may be older, but we know who holds the power" Harry snarled in a warning tone as Louis grunted and apology and walked of, the other boys nodding to Harry and following Louis.

Harry turned around to face me. I gave him a puzzling look but he didn't say anything nor smile back at me. "thank you" I mumbled as he shook his head, bit down on his white lips and then ran his hands through his hair. He turned his head sharply and then looked worried. "get to class quickly we're really late..and a teachers coming Maisie" He told me quickly as I stood shocked.

How did he know my name? How did he know a teacher was coming?

I turned around and then back again to ask him but he was gone. I decided to take his warning and ran inside and down the corridor to my class. I had maths first with Mrs Harmen. I knocked on the door and she let me in. "you're late Miss Roland..is there a reason for your lateness?" My teacher asked as I took my place in the seat by the window. I racked my brain trying to find a reason.

"sorry miss..she was helping me, i got lost first day an all" My head snapped to the curly haired boy standing by the door. How long had he been there and how did he when he left before me?. "oh okay..and you are?" Miss Harmen asked sitting down in her chair. "Harry...Harry Styles" He said still standing at the door. She frowned at him and narrowed her eyes.

"fine well I'll let you both of for being late this time. Come on in and take a seat, you can't do your learning out there can you" She rambled on cleaning the whiteboard. I watch him smirk and then put his feet through the door and he walked in going straight to the back and picking the seat that was furthest away from me.

throughout the lesson, my mind wondered, as I sat daydreaming instead of learning maths. "you bored to?" I jumped hearing his clear husky voice . I looked around but no one else could have heard it because they were all still listening to the teacher. I looked over at him and saw he was staring at me.

I frowned. "don't say anything just think it" I heard him say as I looked down at my maths book.

I felt like I was crazy and that Harry was just a weird boy with physco brothers. I heard him chuckle but when I looked he still had a straight face.

"you're right. i'm weird and my brothers are physco's" he told me I laughed a little and stared out the window listening to the teacher rambling on about fractions. How was he doing that? What did Louis mean by 'your going to turn into one of them if your not careful' I had so many questions in my head and I didn't know how to get answers.

I heard a sigh and remembered what was happening, he can hear what i'm thinking. "it's best not to ask questions..or go looking for the answers promise me" He said as I nodded. The person sitting next to me gave me a glare and I laughed at her face she was pulling at me.


"Miss Roland Have you got something to tell us that's so funny" Miss Harmen asked me as the whole class looked to me. My face went red and in my mind i pleaded my brain for help and something good to say. "yeah she's probably laughing at how you've got that answer wrong m'am " Harry said loudly so the whole class looked at him. He smiled softly at me as he stood up and walked ot the board correction what the teacher had written.

"oh..well done Mr Styles" She replied taken aback and feeling ashamed at herself for letting her get it wrong and a school boy to know the real answer. "thank you again" I thought in my head as Harry walked back to his seat. "you're very welcome" He replied.

The bell went signalling the end of the lesson and the class piled out. I wanted to hang back to talk to Harry probably at least find out how he can talk to me without talking.

When the whole class had gone, so was Harry. I stood confused I didn't see him leave but he myst of to be gone. I walked slowly out and Melanie and Hannah were waiting outside.

"I feel sorry for you, you have her as your maths teacher" Mel said ash she looped her arm round mine. "well I have harry the curly haired new boy in my maths class...I met him and three of his brothers this morning" I tell them as we walk out onto the playing field to find Brad and the boys playing football.


"Have you all got a free lesson?" I ask sitting them as they nod. I set my bag down on the floor and run over to join in the football and the other two girls set their bags on the floor but sit down on them. They were giggling as Hannah was pointing over to the group that was forming. I  looked over seeing Louis, Niall and two other boys that i assumed  where Harry's brothers to. They were circled around a smaller girl. "sorry..the jerks need to be sorted" I told Brad as I kicked him the ball and turned to run over to them. "May don't..I heard there bad news" Brad hissed as I ignored his comment. From what I encountered today I was sure they were but I couldn't let this girl be bullied by them.


"Leave her alone" I yell running into the middle and helping her of the floor. I pick up her books for her and send her on her way. She thanks me and runs of as Louis stares angrily down at me. "i'm started to think you fancy  me. Second time in one day. We have got to stop meeting like this" Louis said as his group of brother laughed at him and made him feel big.

I stepped closer to him so I was in his face. "I wouldn't fancy you ever trust me" I spat at him as he stared into my eyes. I saw his eyes bulge but he turned away quickly, when he turned back his eyes were normal again. I stepped back. So did he. "what?!" He said in an alarmed tone. "huh? uhm nothing" I exclaimed quickly about to run back to my mates. Louis grabbed my arm and pushed me back. He was strong and I had no way I could stop myself from being pushed against the wall.

his grip tightened as he looked from my eyes down my body and to my neck. He kept blinking his eyes as Niall looked around agitated. "Louis don't do it..remember what Harry said" one of the boys said to Louis.  I started to shake. What was going on?

"Louis!" I gasped hearing Harry's voice as I saw Louis go flying across the pavement and his grip sprang lose from me and I fell to the floor shivering and staring at Louis sitting on the floor.

"get up now" Harry bellowed down at Louis as a bigger crowd formed including all my friends. Brad and Hannah ran over to me bending down  beside me. "are you okay?" Hannah whispered as i nodded gently.

Louis stared at me with hate in his eyes but something else to. He stood up like his brother ordered. Harry took him by the neck and pushed him up against the wall. "Did i or did i not tell you to leave her alone" He yelled in Louis face. His voice sounding more deeper and not his. "I'm sorry harry...I couldn't help it" He whined as Harry let him go.  He whispered something in his ear and Louis sulked of. One of the boys following closely behind him.

The crowd departed as they new nothing else was going to happen. The rest of the boys walked of apart from Niall. He bent down in front of me.

"are you okay?" He asked in a guilty tone. I nodded at him but when he went to touch me i squirmed away. He backed of hurt. "Im not going to hurt you I promise..Like Harry I'll looked out for you now" He told me without moving hi lips. His voice clear in my mind. What was he? Who was he?  I started to assume all the brothers had this talent.

"okay..thank you..how do you both do this?" I asked in my mind hoping I'd get a reply. His face had no expression he gulped and looked around before shaking his head and walking of.

I guess I would probably never no. The secretive ways these boys had. there odd behavior and angry ways. There strength and intelligence was nothing i'd ever seen before.

Although I promised Harry I would not go searching for answers. I needed them, I deserved them now and I wasn't going to stop till I found them out.


Authors note;

I didn't relies how long this chapter was until i got half way through writing it out. I hope you all enjoy it please leave Feedback Id love to know what you like and what you want to happen. Please continue to like, comment and Fav. Thank you all for reading!!xx

Another chapter up soon, I still have a few to copy out.

~K *.* x


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