White Lips. Pale Face

It's my first time doing this type of story, so please be nice and bare with me. This story is about Maisie who's 17 and goes to school with her best mate Hannah, but what happens when a new family moves in down the road and 5 boys join the school. When people go missing and when strange things start happening at school when will she work out the boys terrifying secret? When will she ever get her life back to normal.

After everything that happens in her life, it leaves her thinking. Was she ever Normal?

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4. Party Time!

Authors note;

To find out what Maisie and Hannah wear to the party copy this link into your search bar at the top :) ;



Chapter 4

Maisie's pov;

I came downstairs greeting my mum and walking into the kitchen. Leaving Hannah to get ready upstairs. "Can you ring Hannah's mum and tell her that Hannah's staying the night again then please?" I called through to my mum. She mumbled yeah as someone knocked on the door. "Hello..can I help you" I heard her ask. I went to the doorway to see Harry standing there smiling and looking right at me.

"Harry..Harry Styles" He told my mum giving her a sweet smile that made my stomach churn. He seemed to be able to charm everyone around him. "Harry what are you doing here?" I asked leaning against the door as he looked me up and down. "to escort you all to the party..and to make sure you all come" He replied laughing. Hannah walked down the stairs and Harry wolf-whistled which made her blush. My mum walked of mumbling about getting her handbag and left the door open for Harry to enter the house. I watched him carefully as he looked down at the door entrance and frowned. He looked back up and smiled at me softly.

"uhm I'll wait outside" He mumbled turning around and walking of. Hannah raised her eyebrows but just shrugged as I continued to stand staring at the space he had been standing in. Why didn't he just enter? Why did he frown at the door?

"Why don't you come outside, and come to the party instead of asking questions?"  I hear his voice say sternly making me jump. I walked to the front door and stared at him. "Will you stop doing that! It's freaky!" I scold him as he laughed and puts his hand out for me to take. My mother and Hannah both arrive as a car pulls up outside and Harry helps them both in before turning to me. He moved my hair away from my eyes and ticked it behind my ear. 

"You're really beautiful" He whispered sending shivers up my spine. I smiled looking down at the ground as he pulled my face up to look at him. "you know how I have protected you..know that everything I do from here is also to protect you okay?" He told me looking into my eyes as I just smile and nod at him. I was confused what did he mean. I got into the car and within seconds we had pulled up outside his big glass house situated at the opening of the forest. 

"wow it's amazing" I gasped as my mum rushed into the house followed by Hannah running over to Mel and both into the house. Harry helped me out the car and Niall was soon also by my side. I laughed and looped my arm round both of theirs. Niall looked down at me frowning as if he remembered something we all stopped an he turned to me. "remember I'm also the one who'll protect you. Me and Harry are the ones you can trust" He told me as I nodded but looked to Harry. Who gave me a soft knowing smile. We continued to walk into the house.

The music was so loud and there was people everywhere but it didn't take long for Louis to be standing in front of me, Liam and Zayn at his side. Niall and Harry at mine.

"Glad you could make it" Louis shouted over the music with a glint in his eye. He looked to Niall and Harry. "ready?" he asked them as they both nodded and Harry walked of. Niall calling after him but staying by my side. I looked for where he went and began to feel in danger but Niall was beside me, He would protect me right?

Louis pulled my face round and cupped my cheeks in his hands. "Look at me May" I froze as he used my nickname that only my mum and best friends call me. I looked into his eyes as they changed colour again, and the veins popped out. I couldn't looked away, I wanted to know more.

"You will forget every conversation you have had with any of us by using your mind, you shall only remember any that you have had verbally and you shall also forget that we can read your mind." Louis said as I felt myself black out and fall.

A minute later I felt myself in strong arms, Niall caught me from hitting the floor I stood up staring straight at Louis. I felt light headed, and blinked rapidly trying to remember something, anything, something felt missing but I couldn't tell what. I didn't know what Louis was expecting me to say or do they were just staring at me.

"did it work?" Liam hissed at Louis as Zayn pulled me over to him and stared at me he stepped back and smiled. "it worked" he replied before walking of and grabbing a girl by her waist. Harry returned by my side and pasted me a drink. "here you'll feel better after this..you just fainted" He told me not looking me in the eyes but glaring at his brother.

"Had to be done" Louis told Harry as Harry pulled me into his side. !Want to dance beautiful" Louis sneered as I glared at him. I laughed and then saw he was serious. "Yeah..but not with you" I told him as his smile turned into a frown I turned to Harry. "Want to dance?" I asked him as he smirked and bowed.

"I'd be delighted to madam" Putting on a posh voice he placed his hand out which i immediately took. I saw Hannah dancing with Brad and felt happy to know that Brad would protect her from L. Louis. I looked around for my mum and saw her talking to who i assume to be Mrs Styles. Harry followed my gaze and nodded over to them. "would you like me to introduce you to my mother May?" He asked as my attention was brought back to him. "did you just call me May?" I asked as he gulped and bit his lip. "I'm sorry if you prefer i will call you something else or stick with Maisie" He said quickly letting go of me and stepping away. I frowned and shook my head quickly.

"it's fine..and I'd love you to introduce me to her " I say softly as he nods again and takes my hand pulling me quickly over to her.

"Mother this is Maisie" He tells her as she welcomes me by embracing me in a hug. "It's lovelt to meet you, you have made quite an impression on my boys" She told me smirking like Harry does as Harry looked shocked at her. "Mother" He hissed.

My mind wandered why did he keep calling her mother? It was such an old fashioned wat to address her, now days people just say mum, or mummy when they want something.

I looked around the room seeing Louis staring at me no emotion showing on his face, why was he looking at me? As if he could tell what I was thinking he immediately looked away. Weird.

I made my excuses and left everyone making my way to their back garden, which was a big space of green and tress everywhere. I walked over to the start of the trees and started out into the darkness. I pulled out a cigarette from my bag an lit it up.  "I wouldn't go any further, may I nick one from you?" I jumped as the brother i new to be Zayn stood beside me gesturing to my cigarettes. I passed him one and he lit it up and blew out the smoke. He laughed to himself as I lent against the tree trunk staring at him.

"what?" I asked as he out his arm above my head so he to was leaning against the tree but was standing in front of me, blocking me from sight of anyone.  "I was just thinking, If you're Harry's girl he won't like that you smoke" He told me as I rolled my eyes. "but I'm not Harry's" I told him blowing smoke in his face. The smoke cleared and Zayn's eyes were darker than normal. I didn't show that I saw any difference I wanted to know more. He blinked and they changed back. He smiled at me and lent in closer.

"If you're not Harry's them who's are you" He asked seductively. I blushed and put my cigarette out. I ran my hand down his cheek and stepped even closer to him. "i'm not owned..I'm not property babe. No one controls me" I told him. "god..thats hot" He grunted as I went to walk away. He grabbed my arm and pushed me back against the tree.

His lips crashed onto mine as I felt it hard to ignore them, I kissed back running my hands down his body and placing them on his hips. He kissed my cheek and down to my neck but stopped. I looked back at him his eyes dark again as he looked me in the eyes.

"I bet you taste so good" He muttered. I turned my face up in disgust. I hope he new he wasn't going to get that from me. "what?" I snapped pushing him of me. His muscles tightened and as I pushed he didn't move.

"Whats the matter babe?" He asked as I began to panic I could see no one around. Zayn was close to my neck again before I closed my eyes. When I opened them he was sitting on the floor far away. Niall stood in between us.

!what did you do that for?" Zayn hissed at Niall as Niall looked back at me. "you okay?" He asked I nodded and when Niall turned back around Zayn was gone. He walked over to me pushing my head to the side looking at my neck, he then pushed my head the other side and did the same.  "What are you doing?" I asked still shaking as he put his coat around me. "Checking he didn't hurt you" Niall told me as I felt myself go dizzy again Niall caught me and we began to walk back inside.

"I think we should get you home" He told me softly as I lent on his shoulder.

Louis pov;

"Liam she was all over me!" I heard Zayn say to him as I walked over. "who" I asked as Liam turned to me. "Maisie, apparently Zayn went out for a cigarette and decided he was hungry" Liam told me laughing. I banged my drink down on the table and grabbed Zayn by the collar. "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO WHERE IS SHE?" I yelled at him as he looked around before shrugging.

"I don't know Lou Niall was with her. I didn't do nothing he got In between  us " He explained as I let him go and searched the room. Finding Niall half carrying her in. I ran over and put her other arm over me.

"She okay?" I asked Niall as he nodded and scanned the room for Harry. "It's fine I'll get her home, you go find Harry" I told him as he stood staring at me for a second. "I told her I'd protect her, that means keeping her away from you" He told me as I glared at him and looked down at her. My mind softened as she closed her eyes and lent on me more.

"I wouldn't hurt her..I promise I'll get her back safe" I told him as he battled with himself and then sighed. "Fine I'm going to find Harry..I swear if you do anything to her" He tells me as I nod and I walk her out of the house.


Maisie's pov;

One Minute i was in their house, mu arms draped round Louis and Nialls the next I was in the doorway of my house Louis standing behind me. "how you feeling?" Louis asked softly sitting down on the floor as I did the same.

"confused" I tell him honestly as he just nods at me and smiles. "yeah I guessed you would" He told me. "Why didn't you take me into the house? The keys are in my bag" I asked him as he looked at my door and then back at me.

"I cant you didn't invite me..It would be rude of me" He told me as I laughed and He looked hurt and stood up. I stood up to and shrugged at him.

"sorry just after everything..I mean how you are..I didn't think being rude for you was a problem" I told him trying to find a good way to put it. He laughed to and stepped backwards.

"I guess your right,..anyway go inside, get some sleep" He told me waving as I thanked him and put the key in the door. I went in and turned round to close the door, he was gone.

I closed the door and headed upstairs to bed.

Laying down in it I listened to the owls outside wondering what time my mum and Hannah would get back.



Authors note;

Okay I hope you like this other chapter, I'm going to try and upload at least two chapters a week, i'm sorry it cant be more but Im still on holiday, so it's hard to get time to copy out my chapters from my Ipod and upload them for you.

I hope you liked this chapter and the ones to come.

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P.s this picture ^ (only can be seen if your on computer i think) Is what the boys looked like at the party, If you cant see its them on X-factor when they preformed at Halloween time. Just perfect for this story. Thanks boys haha :) x

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