White Lips. Pale Face

It's my first time doing this type of story, so please be nice and bare with me. This story is about Maisie who's 17 and goes to school with her best mate Hannah, but what happens when a new family moves in down the road and 5 boys join the school. When people go missing and when strange things start happening at school when will she work out the boys terrifying secret? When will she ever get her life back to normal.

After everything that happens in her life, it leaves her thinking. Was she ever Normal?

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14. Mrs port sends us home?

Chapter 14;   Maisie's pov;   I was sitting in my art lesson painting the backdrop for the schools play coming up when Mrs Port knocked on the door.   "May I talk to Maisie please?" She asked as my art teacher nodded at me. I got up and went to head over to her. "um collect all your stuff and bring it with you" She told me. I frowned but ran back and packed up all my stuff jogging out of the classroom and to her.   "sup?" I asked as she laughed and started down the stairs. "your mum needs you to go home now, it's nearly lunch and i've collected some school work for you to do at home" She told me slowing down so I could walk by her side.   "but I can't!" I protested. She stopped walking and bit the inside of her cheek looking at the time on the clock?. "why?" she asked squinting her eyes at me. "umm Hannah's meant to be staying round tonight.." I told her trying to cover up the real reason. She laughed and kept walking.   "is that all..well that's fine she's waiting in my office to go to" She replied waving to another teacher as they called across to her. "sorry bit busy find me later" she called and kept on walking.   "but..okay I wanted to say goodbye to Harry at lunch..I can't go without seeing him" I blurted out, the corners or her mouth twitched into a smile and she looked down at me out the corner of her eyes.   "I know...he is also waiting in the office with Liam..that's why you should get a move on..3 students in my office looks bad" she told me cooly as my mind felt like it exploded. WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON?   I ran down the rest of the corridor and into her office. Harry opened the door as I got there. "thank god, we haven't got long then I have to go" He sounded frantic and pulled me into a hug.  "what's going on?" I whispered, he looked into my eyes and unfolded my hand, put something in it and then folded it up again.   "look after this for me, I'll explain when I get back but it's apart of me and now apart of you" he told me kissing me on the head.  "we have to leave now Haz" Liam added. I looked to Liam and he looked down at the floor.   "I'll see you soon, remember Louis can get me back anytime" He told me giving me on last hug and running out the office with Liam behind him. I turned to Hannah as she sat examining her nails.   "I don't know what's going on but can we go already?" she asked sounding bored. Mrs port came in and sat down glaring at Hannah who was sitting on her desk table. "I'm here lets go" I turned around seeing Annie standing smiling at the doorway. "do you know what this is about?"  I asked as she shrugged.   "nope..but we better get going" She told us walking of. Hannah followed shouting out to her and Mrs Port smiled at me. "Good-luck hunny" she said before picking up the phone and dialling a number.   I walked out confused..good luck in what?. What did she know?   We got outside and a car was waiting. "Maisie, Hannah and Annie?" The man asked stepping out of the car. "yeah?" Annie said stepping forward glaring at him. He sighed and rolled his eyes at her. "get in Anne is waiting for you at her house, we're running out of time" he told us getting back in his car.   Hannah protested and told me she'd work. "just get in will you nothings going to happen" I told her taking her hand opening the door and pushing her in first. "May" she mumbled as I followed her and then Annie sat next to me closing the door with a thud. The driver didn't even wait for us to put seat belts on he drove of, very fast.   When we arrived outside the house, my mum and Annie stood looking very stern and annoyed. "Hurry up girls, we haven't got much time!" Anne called out entering the house as we ran in after her. "What..is..going..on" Hannah managed to get out between breaths. I remembered I'd slid whatever Harry gave to me in my pocket, and made a note to see what it is straight after they tell me whats going on. "sit down" my mum barked as we did what we was told. Annie looked to Hannah and groaned. "okay Hannah, you are not going to be scared about any of this okay"  I watched as Hannah went into some sort of trance, "i will not be scared of any of this" she repeated. Annie clapped her hands and looked away as Hannah sort of looked at me blank, and then smiled. "did i miss anything?" she asked. Me and Annie both shook are heads and turned to Annie and my mum.   "tell me now whats going on" I demanded to them as they sat back and nodded, my mum checked the time and then grabbed a couple of big hard backed books and shoved them over to me.   "your not just a slayer...your the most powerful for another reason....there's another secret about you" My mum told me as I sat confused staring down at this brown book. I didn't know if I wanted to look inside, the slayer thing already changed my life...what could another secret about me be and could it be any worse?.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~## Authors note; Hey I'm sorry this is such a short chapter its just another filler the next chapter is going to get exciting I promise!! :) anyway another chapter should be up by the end of tonight or tomorrow morning or if i can I can try get two chapters up tomorrow morning. Hope you like the story so far thanks for all the feedback, comments and favs. Your all amazing I'm so grateful! x ~Katie x   
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