White Lips. Pale Face

It's my first time doing this type of story, so please be nice and bare with me. This story is about Maisie who's 17 and goes to school with her best mate Hannah, but what happens when a new family moves in down the road and 5 boys join the school. When people go missing and when strange things start happening at school when will she work out the boys terrifying secret? When will she ever get her life back to normal.

After everything that happens in her life, it leaves her thinking. Was she ever Normal?

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5. Find Harry.

Chapter 5

Nialls pov;

I ran around the house searching the place for Harry. I couldn't find him anywhere. I stood still and closed my eyes seeing the clear image of Harry standing in his room. I pulled myself out of it and ran up the stairs so quickly no one could have saw.

"HARRY" I shouted as I pushed open his door, He turned around his drink had spilled out of his mouth. "what?" He snarled angry that I disturbed him. I backed away closer to the door. "It's Maisie" His eyes changed and he wiped his mouth walking closer to me. "What about her?" his face showing his concern.

"I stopped Zayn, he was attacking her in the garden, they kissed and he was going to.." I tried to explain but he cut me of banging his fist on the wall. "Where is she and where is Zayn?" He spat in a hurry. "Louis took her home, I had no choice he promised he wouldn't hurt her and Zayn's downstairs" I told him ready for him to go on a full rampage.

"YOU LET LOUIS TAKE HER, ARE YOU AN IDIOT" He ran past me pushing me and it took all my strength not to go flying out the window, instead I fell back against the wall and sighed with relief. I got myself up and ran down after him. Stopping just in time to see Louis walk through the door and Harry pounce on him. "Where is she! What did you do?" He asked pinning Louis up against the wall. I watched as Mother went over.

"Harry stop it now, let your brother go" She hissed at him as he obeyed and dropped Louis.  Louis face softened and he looked hurt. "Harry she's fine, I told her to go to bed" He told Harry walking further away from the door. Harry's fists unclenched and he took rapid breathes.

"now calm down, and tell me what's this about?" My mother asked as Liam showed all the guests into the other room. "Maisie" I blurted out as my mother looked at me and sighed, "The human I should have known" She muttered sitting herself down. The rest of my brothers returned standing around. "so which one of you have fallen in love with the human?" She asked laughing afterwords as Harry frowned at her. No one said anything as Harry stood forward.

"i'm not claiming i'm in love with her, because I hardly know her mother, but she is a good person and beautiful and a friend of mine" He shot me a look and I ran down joining him at his side. "she's a friend of mine to mother, and we're going to protect her no matter what" I told her as Zayn started to laugh. My mother shot him a look that soon made him stop.

Harry walked over to Zayn and punched him. Sending Zayn flying. "you ever try to do what you did again to her and I'll make sure that you die...again" Harry warned him his voice changing deeper and the other side the more powerful side take over him. "ENOUGH" My mother shouted as Harry returned to the door putting his coat on.

"Thing is Harry..If you both are intent on keeping her safe and as a friend your going to have to tell her..If she becomes a problem you know what you will then have to do" My mother said looking down at the floor and closing her eyes.

"I will and it wont come to that" Harry said positively as he walked out the door slamming it behind him.


Maisie's pov;

I was dreaming of running around in fields as Hannah ran along beside me, but my dream faded as I heard banging. I opened my eyes and sat up staring around the room. I was in my bedroom and by the sounds of it my mum nor Hannah was back from the Styles house yet. I stiffened as I heard the banging again. Standing up I glanced over to my window seeing stones hitting it. I ran over and opened it up.

"Maisie your okay then" I snapped my head to the side seeing Harry in my tree house. He smiled at me and I grabbed my dressing gown and slid it on. "What are you doing here?" I snapped at him as he shrugged and then looked around. "it's a nice night..I need to talk to you come here?2  He asked waving me over. I looked how far up I was, and then the little distance from my window to the tree house.

"walk across the tree branch" Harry said smirking at me as I was about to close the window, and make my way into the garden to climb the ladder of it. "what...are you crazy I'll fall" I state glaring at him. He just laughed and stood up balancing himself on the branch and walking towards me. I gulped praying that he wouldn't fall as he put his hand out. "trust me May..I wouldn't let you come to harm" I looked at his hand and then into his eyes, his voice was soft and his eyes welcoming.

Closing my eyes and taking a deep breathe I stood on the ledge of my window reaching over, my hand gripped onto Harry's. "now stand on the branch, I've got you" I trusted Harry's hold on me and stepped out onto the branch, feeling it shift slightly.

"Now the other foot" He instructed, it felt never ending. "Now open your eyes" He whispered as I did and then he pulled me up into the tree house through the window. I let out a sigh of relief and flopped down on the bean bag that was in here.

"I'm never doing that again" I tell him laughing as he sits down beside me. Grabbing the blanket that I left in here last time I slept in here with Hannah. "I just want to apologies for what Zayn did" Harry blurted out as I stared through the door and up at the sky. "He didn't really do anything Harry, he was drunk and didn't understand the words no, it happens" I told him as he put his hand on mine. "It's what he was going to do I'm sorry for, I regret that I couldn't save you and that Niall had to" 

He looked down at our hands and I frowned at him. "what do you mean..and you can't protect me forever" I tell him as he looks up and smiles happily at me. "It doesn't matter..and that I will do I promise" He tells me putting his arm round me and pulling me into a hug. I don't know when we got this close, because we hardly ever spoke but his hug felt safe, warm and needed. I closed my eyes.

"May..can i ask you something?" Harry's voice ran through my head, as I opened my eyes and sat up a little. "i guess" I tell him. "did". He stops and closes his eyes before starting again. "did the kiss with Zayn...mean anything do you like him?" He asks not looking at me as I felt my cheeks blush and I started to laugh. He turned to me frowning and then raised his eyebrows at me in surprise.

"Of course not" I tell him, still laughing. He smiled instead and laughed, running his hands through his hair. I relaxed back in his arms and he pointed out the stars telling me their names and explaining about them. I listened trying an hoping I'll remember it all. It wasn't long when we just laid there without talking and staring at the stars. The night was so beautiful. "Was that all you wanted to talk to me about?" I asked Harry as his chest raised when he was breathing but weirdly I couldn't hear his heart beating, only my own.

"hmm" Harry mumbled as He began to stroke my hair. I nodded and my eyes closed, the day had been long and I just needed sleep for school tomorrow.

I made a mental note to go to the library and look up..what was it just intelligence and strength... I swear there was one more? I just couldn't for the life of me remember.



Authors note;

Thank you all so much for the comments, the favs and the likes. To know that you like this story means everything to me, because I wouldn't want to waste my time writing a story that no one will read and it would only be me that enjoys it. I have got so many ideas to add and am writing like two chapters a day on my ipod. Im still on holiday so sorry for the late updates I will try and copy out as many chapters as I can today.

Thank you all for reading, please continue with the feedback, and asking for updates that always motivates me to copy out more chapters for you :)

~Katie *.* x

p.s ..Another picture for you :)

This is what Harry looks like in this chapter, when he is looking through Maisie's window and is worried that Louis had done something and she wasn't there or okay. Also feedback on if you like the pictures being at the end :) if not ill stop putting them in just thought there like nice little surprises for you all x

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