Hi my name is Nicki Christina Jordan and I have an addiction problem.....No i don't do drugs there's no need around him.He touch sendS a rush through my veins. His kiss takes me on a high no drug can.Without him i feel lost.I will do or say anything for him.He is my drug,my love,my life.His name JUSTIN DREW BIEBER



IT'S REALLY HIM,ITS REALLY JUSTIN!!!"I hear girls shouting.He grabs my hand and we run out toward the front of the school.We come out side to see his car swamped by more fans and paps."How did they even know I was here"He said under his breath.We keep running till we git to a little old park by the pond.

We sat down in the grass out of breath.After a while I spoke to break the silence"Im dreaming ain't I."I said looking at him"Nope..but its nice to know you dream about me."He said makin fun."You wish asshole."He turned and looked at me"What did you call me?"he said before I could say anything he tackled me to the ground and starts to tickle me"S-SS-STOP PLEASE!"I shout laughing "No,not until you say sorry for calling me an asshole" He says with a smirk on his face."FINE I-IM SORRY."I say."For what?""FOR CALLING YOU AND ASSHOLE."He stops and rolls off me.But I stay laying there.

After  a while Justin spoke"Whatcha thinking bout."He asks"Nothing."I murmur"Your lying."he says blankly.WOW its been 3 years and he still knows when im lying Weird.He looks me in the eyes"Fine fine...I was thinking why your never called or texts or skype NOTHING."I shouted the last word.His Face instantly fell."Its like you forgot about me,It hurt."I whisper"I know and im sorry.I told myself I was gonna call you the next day and then the  day turned to a month and a month to a year.After that I couldn't call you.Because I know if I did you would say you miss me and I would come back for you.I didn't wanna let the beliebers down ya know.I never meant to hurt you."He said."Your so lucky I love ya.""How bout I make it up to you.""how?"I say giving him a weird look"Let me take you out or something?""Yea that's if im not grounded for cutting school.""I know i've been gone a while but i still know your parents dont give a shit.""True."I said"Cool i'll pick you up a round 8."with that we got up and walked home



HEYYYYY little apples just wanna say thanx to you guys i know my

chapters are short and im not the best writer 

but you guys stick with me now 

comment like and all that 

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