Hi my name is Nicki Christina Jordan and I have an addiction problem.....No i don't do drugs there's no need around him.He touch sendS a rush through my veins. His kiss takes me on a high no drug can.Without him i feel lost.I will do or say anything for him.He is my drug,my love,my life.His name JUSTIN DREW BIEBER


1. Me as I am

Hola my name is Nicki not Nicole or Nick just Nicki.Im 18 years old and my life is.....BLAH thats the only word I can use to describe it now. Im the invisible child and i admit it has it perks.Not having to tell your parents about everything that goes on in your life is cool,or having to deal with the nagging about your clothes and grades helps alot to.I can come and go as i please.Not that i go any where not since Justin left.

Justin and I where best friends since pre-k.We did EVERYTHING together.He even bought me my first phone so we could talk anytime we wanted.I was there for all his talent shows rooting him on.Me and his mom posted his first video on youtube together.I was even there when he got the call to go to Atlanta.

*****Flash back*****

"Justin do you really have to leave."I said standing at the gate in the airport.He smiled and grabbed my hand.When they called his flight we stood up.I looked down as tears fell from my eyes.Justin pulled me into a hug and whispered in my ear"Everything will be alright"he said and pulled away"I promise I'll be back before you know it."He said with his hair in his eyes

Yeah that was 3 years 2 months and 17 days ago.

*******flash back over*******

"That was the last time I saw or talked to Justin." I thought before I went to sleep.BEEP BEEP BEEP 

I rush outta bed and run to the bath room.Take a quick shower and do my hair and a little makeup. I'm short about 5'1 with long thick black hair and Hazel eyes (with tattoos on my left arm)  while the rest of my family is tall with blue eyes and blond hair."I think im adopted"I laughed at the thought because it might be true after i was done stragihting my hair. ran went into my closet and pulled out a light blue and black shirt blackish jeans and light blue heals.I walked down stairs and grabs some toast i look at the clock in the kitchen"shit"whisper under my breath I was running late i ran out the door to my car.When I got to school it was 5 minutes till the bell.I walked to my locker where I saw Jake he's a cool friend of mine He moved here after Justin left.Jake looked at me in shocked"Where is Nicki and what have you done with her"he said.I smiled"What are you talking about .""YOUR WEARING FUCKING HEELS FOR CRYING OUT".I looked around to see if anyone was watching"Yea and."Then I remembered that Jakes never seen me in heels or makeup.we walked to first preiod and sat down.I felt that today was gonna be great.......I Hope 



Hey guys soooo how you like this one I know it was short but its just a filler

like and comment if you want more (Justin will appear soon)comment what you think and any ideas you may have im always open to them love ya my little apple cakes 

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