Hi my name is Nicki Christina Jordan and I have an addiction problem.....No i don't do drugs there's no need around him.He touch sendS a rush through my veins. His kiss takes me on a high no drug can.Without him i feel lost.I will do or say anything for him.He is my drug,my love,my life.His name JUSTIN DREW BIEBER


2. Is this real??

Today going great so far I've been comments on my outfit all day.Some nice others...not so nice,but i don't car nothing can ruin my mood today.Before I knew it was time for lunch.Me Jake and Jenny(Jakes twin sister)sat outside cause it was sunny."So whats with the new make over."Jenny said with raised eyebrows"Ummm nothing I used to dress like this all the time."I say dryly."Well you need to do it more often you look HOT!!!"Jake yells at the top of his lungs making everyone else outside look our way.


"What the fuck are yall looking at a man can shout in peace."Jake yelled getting us more awkward looks."Sit down you dumbass."I he just kept yell at all the little 9th graders.Me and Jenny slowly walked away."God your brother is soo stupid."I said laughing "Yea its not so funny when you live with him."Jenny said a little annoyed.

We still had 15 mintues for lunch so we decided to walk around school.We are almost at the front of the school when the bell rings."dammit i have to walk all the way to the gym.""Better run."Jenny said i rushed down the hallways.I got to gym 5 minutes late so i snuck through the locker room.Everyone was dressing out.I WAS'NT. I walked out and sat on the bleachers."Jordan get over hear."I walked to Mr.Glover or Mr.Flubber as i like to call him.He was fatter then 8 of me combined."Why are you not dressed out."he said spitting in the air"Say it don't spary it sir."He gave me an angry look.I put my hands up in defense and backed away slowly.After gym I walk to the the last period.Before i walk into class i hear girls sceaming I turn around and see a mob of girls running after a boy.he ran looks up at me and smiles.OH MY GOD ITS HIM........





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