Hi my name is Nicki Christina Jordan and I have an addiction problem.....No i don't do drugs there's no need around him.He touch sendS a rush through my veins. His kiss takes me on a high no drug can.Without him i feel lost.I will do or say anything for him.He is my drug,my love,my life.His name JUSTIN DREW BIEBER



"This is friggin impossible"I whisper under my breath.Its the last exam of the year,and all i can think about is Justin its been 3 days since we kissed and we haven't talked once since then.God what did I do?"


His lips touch mine and I instantly feel fireworks.As the kiss goes on it turns from light to forceful and passionate.He lifts my legs and raps them around his waist and grabs my ass making me moan giving him entrance.He takes it.He then kisses my neck leaving love bites till he stops and sucks on my spot making me moan again.He groans in response.I can feel his erection against my stomach.Suddenly he stops grabs my hand and we start to walk.Once we get to the car we hop in and drive in complete silences.Before I knew we're at my house I get out with out a single word.I hear his car speed off before I run to my room and slam the door.

*******Flashback over*******

"Miss Jordan I suggest you focus on your exam.If you plan on going to prom you need to pass this test."My math teacher Ms.Hackley says.

"I wasn't really planing on going."I say dryly

"Well do you plan on pass then."she said loudly

"Hey you never know."I say laughing 

"I have had enough of your smart mouth this year.GO TAKE THE REST OF YOUR EXAM IN THE DEANS OFFICE.!!!!!She shouts

"No need to yell Miss I'm right here,but you might wanna stop before you have an aneurysm just saying."I say grab my stuff and leave.

When I get to the lady at the desk just points to a door.I walk in and see Jake and Jenny sitting in the back.I rush over."Hey look who got kicked outta class."Jake said laughing.I slappped him on the head

"Whatever."I mumble 

"Who kicked you out I bet it was Ms.Hackley huh."She said matter of factly

"Yup."I said popping the -p

By the time I'm done we still had 10 till the bell rang."So you where all dressed up the other day what happend?"He said lifting his eyebrows



"It's a half day...why would i get dressed up for a half day?"I ask

"For me duh.....haha no but at least look nice for my game."He said giving me the pout face

"Whats wrong with my outfit?"I ask again

"You really don't want him to answer that."Jenny said jumping in.

"Fine I'll change.......Wait who said i was going to you game anyway."I ask knowing i never planned to go

"Jake did."Jake said pointing at himself.Me and Jenny roll our eyes and leave Just as the bell rings.I walk to Ms.Hackley's class to drop off my test.I lay my exam on her desk and turn to leave"Stay."She commands and I stop in my tracks.I sit and watch her grade my test.After about 7 minutes she looks up "Such a smart girl with such a smart mouth."She said"You got a 89%or a B+ on the test."I give her a quick thanks and leave.


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