Hating The band

You may know the book "Loving the band", It's a One Direction fan fiction. My opinion on the band is negative. I think they are just another pop boy band that all the 13 year old girls will love for a while then Two directions will come along and every tween girl will be fawning over THEM for a bit. One Direction are doing the same thing the Beatles were doing like 30 or 40 years ago. The only difference is The Beatles played instruments and people still enjoy them and reminisce about them from time to time.
All my fellow Anti-Fan Girls/Boys, you're about to be pleased :D.


4. One Way or another (I will stalk you)

Tina showed up in her pink winter coat and a purple balaclava. She wore a blue cap on her head and denim jeans. She was holding a newspaper to cover her face. When she deduced no one was looking, she beckoned for Emily to join her. Emily was wearing a bright green balaclava and a blue winter coat. She wore blue denim jeans like Tina and a big purple winter hat. They both hid behind the newspaper now, Tina explaining what they would do again.

"Then, when the boys come down this street to Costa Coffee, You run over to them and act vicious-Uh, but not too Vicious, Okay Em?". Emily smirked under her balaclava. 

"Of course". Tina continued

"Then you try to steal something off them, anything that seems easiest. That's when I run in and save them, I punch you in the stomach and make it look like I did it hard, You run away as I shout threats. I then pull off my balaclava and pretend to look surprised I just saved one direction. Okay, you know our stations, Quick! I can see them in the distance". Emily rushed to her hiding, Tina stayed where she was, acting casual reading the newspaper. The boys where walking down the right street, And Emily was ready to attack.



"if you tell your fans you like carrots, you going to get a hell of a lot of carrots, and if you tell them you like baked beans, you are going to have one hell of a smelly room!" Niall said to Louis, who had two small orange ear buds hidden secretly in his ears. He looked much happier than yesterday. The five boys strolled down the street happily on their way to Costa Coffee. Suddenly as Niall was ranting on about how "if you tell your fans you like carrots, you going to get a hell of a lot of carrots" and so on, a short mugger in a bright green balaclava approached them, running like the wind. They grabbed Louis watch and tried to tug it off. Louis managed to fling them off but then they attacked Niall, trying to grab his signed football that was under his arm. All five boys were trying to fight the mugger off when another person with a balaclava, Purple this time, jumped in. They punched the mugger in the stomach and  as the mugger was running away the purple balaclava shouted threats and insults at them. They then turned around, the mugger out of sight now. The hero whipped their balaclava off and looked astonished at the sight before them.

"Thank you for saving us, Tina". Said Niall. Tina gawped. She looked absolutely aghast at the thought that she had just saved one direction. 

"I would never have thought you would be so brave, especially when fake-punching a friend" Said Louis.

"Wait, what?" said Tina, now genuinely confused.

"Nice try kid" Zayn said, patting her shoulder. Tina decided she wasn't giving up.

"Uh, what exactly are you talking about? I just saved your life from that mugger! I bet he had a gun! You should be a little more thankful that I just saved your lives".

"Okay then, sure. Let's say for a second that was a real mugger, Thank you very much for saving us" Liam said. Liam had barely said anything for the majority of this book.

"This is no laughing matter, You guys could've died, and all you have to say is 'if there really was a mugger'. If this ever happens again, which seems unlikely but it could, how will you like it when I'm not there? you'll probably be mugged again somewhere else, but Im not there to save your sorry asses". Harry shivered and said

"She's right, guys. I think that was a real mugger, they were really trying to steal my shoes". he sounded very serious.

"Look, Tina. I'm not going to date a twelve-year-old, okay?" Tina didn't give up her act

"I don't care about that now" She said untruthfully "I just wanted to do the right thing and save you, ungreatful arse holes" Tina stormed off, but she wasn't done with them. 

"I have a much bigger plan up my sleeve" She said quietly, marching into Costa coffee.

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