Hating The band

You may know the book "Loving the band", It's a One Direction fan fiction. My opinion on the band is negative. I think they are just another pop boy band that all the 13 year old girls will love for a while then Two directions will come along and every tween girl will be fawning over THEM for a bit. One Direction are doing the same thing the Beatles were doing like 30 or 40 years ago. The only difference is The Beatles played instruments and people still enjoy them and reminisce about them from time to time.
All my fellow Anti-Fan Girls/Boys, you're about to be pleased :D.


2. One Thing (I hate about you)

Emily strode into Al's Fish and Chips still smug. Al was at the counter, writing some orders down.

"I still don't get why a Chinese bloke is running a chippy" Tina complained. Emily whacked Tina's arm.

"OW! $@&#! Emily! Jesus Bloody Christ would you kindly not do that?"

"It wasn't that hard!" Emily protested, though she had pulled up the sleeve of Tina's coat to see if there was a bruise.

"What are you? The Hulk or something?!". Emily rolled her eyes and said

"Look, I'm sorry Tina, but you were being racist right in front of Al!". Tina rolled her eyes and tugged her sleeve back down her arm. She turned to look for a table and just at that moment Lindsay Baker walked in.



"Look, Mate. What I'm trying to say is that if you tell your fans you like carrots, you going to get a hell of a lot of carrots" Niall Horan said to his friend in his stereotypical Irish accent.

"Niall, you've told me this about ten times, I understand that you're pissed we have so many carrots, but think about it! No grocery shopping!" Louis said jokingly.

"Oh yeah, I forgot human beings don't need protein or calcium to live! Stop trying to joke your way out of this problem, Louis. Just tell them you like eggs, bacon, sausages and fish and we would never have to shop for food again!". Niall sat down at the end of the table at Alan's Fish and chip shop. The way he pulled the chair out and sat down looked as if the chair owed him money.

"Are there any sp-sp-sp-sp-sp-spoons here?" Liam said worriedly, glancing over at a couple who had just ordered ice cream

"Jesus christ Liam stop being such a pansy, spoons can't-" Zayn was cut off by a big commotion going on in the middle of the shop. One of the girls involved said

"You Liar, Tina Jenson! You can't have one hundred posters of 1D! You wanna know why? Because YOU are a big, ugly, fat LIAR Tina!".

"What the hell is going on over there?" Niall said angrily, annoyed at being interrupted  while telling Louis if you tell your fans you like carrots, you going to get a hell of a lot of carrots.




"You're the liar, Lindsay! When I told everyone I was on my 92nd poster, YOU said you already got to a hundred! But the the next day I hear you talking to Chelsea about how you are on your 55th! HA!". Tina crossed her arms triumphantly. 

"I was just trying to make Chelsea feel better for only having 3 posters, I was being caring and kind, YOU are just a big fat liar, and So is Emily smelly here"

"Oh, you are so juvinile, Lindsay Baker. It's a wonder you aren't still in nursery. Unlike I, I bet you twenty quid that if I went up to Niall Horan and asked if he would like to go out with me or you, he would say 'you of course, Tina! Lindsay Liar Baker is so childish and rude and-and-and UGLY!"

"Fine then. Go ask him, he's right behind you".

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