Hating The band

You may know the book "Loving the band", It's a One Direction fan fiction. My opinion on the band is negative. I think they are just another pop boy band that all the 13 year old girls will love for a while then Two directions will come along and every tween girl will be fawning over THEM for a bit. One Direction are doing the same thing the Beatles were doing like 30 or 40 years ago. The only difference is The Beatles played instruments and people still enjoy them and reminisce about them from time to time.
All my fellow Anti-Fan Girls/Boys, you're about to be pleased :D.


7. Kiss You (Tase You)

The next morning, it was sunday. Tina knew that she had only that day to grab Niall's attention and win his heart. She had her plans still in her head, and was ready for action. Tina texted Emily the details and threw her clothes on. A Zayn t-shirt from "We Love Pop" magazine wasn't her first option, but the only other clean one was a "The Wanted" t-shirt that her grandmother sent her. And since, according to Tina's vast library of common knowledge, The Wanted are the anti-christ, that was utterly out of the question. She pulled on her trousers hastily and then her socks, slipped into her shoes and rocketed off out of her room. Tina tumbled down the stairs head first and, once stable, marched out of the door, her incredibly lenient mother not stopping her.

Emily was waiting by Alan's Chippy as usual.

"Look. We. Are. Not. Going. To. The. Chippy. Okay?"

"I'm full. This is our meeting place, remember?"

"Yeah. I suppose."

"Okay then, so what was our plan again?"

"Look at your damn phone, you lazy little bugger!" Tina said, laughing. Emily whipped out her phone and checked her inbox. After a few lines she said

"Alrighty. Let's get going." 


In a tour bus, about fifty metres away, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson sat talking about their sex lives.

"You know, for all the fans we have we seem to pale in comparison to most average Joes." said Louis. Niall was playing around with his shoe laces idly.

"Yeah, but that's just because they're all freaking twelve-year-olds."

"Yeah, and single Forty-year-old mums!" Louis laughed in reply. Niall kicked off his shoes and got off the sofa that he was on and rapped his knuckles on the bathroom door.

"Zayn, get the hell out of there unless you have explosive diarreah or something, because I need the bloody loo!"

"Bugger off Niall!"

"You better not be wanking in there!"


"Wouldn't put it past you!". Zayn finally opened the door and shoved Niall out of the way. He sat down angrily on the sofa opposite Louis, who was practically dying of laughter.

"Don't kill yourself. Or do, I don't care." Zayn growled irritatedly. There was a loud knock on the door.

"Damn. Probably a fan. Louis, you're the hot one, go get 'em."

"It's always me. Alright then." Louis said boredly. He walked to the door and opened it. The two body guards that had knocked on the door on behalf of two young girls got ready to fight off any attacks as it opened. Louis' jaw flew open at the sight of the two girls that had assaulted him and the other boys a day or so ago.

"You!" he squealed in horror.

"Yes! Us! Hi Louie!" Said Tina, the one on the left. The one on the right, Emily, said

"We're sorry about the other day. We wanted to come and apologize."

"Okay...thanks for that."

"May we come in?"

"I'm afraid not, girls."

"Oh, these two aren't a problem." Tina said, smiling again. She took out a taser that she had pick pocketed from one of the guards. She tasered both of them and stepped over their unconscious bodies to Louis, who was, by then, screaming.






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