Hating The band

You may know the book "Loving the band", It's a One Direction fan fiction. My opinion on the band is negative. I think they are just another pop boy band that all the 13 year old girls will love for a while then Two directions will come along and every tween girl will be fawning over THEM for a bit. One Direction are doing the same thing the Beatles were doing like 30 or 40 years ago. The only difference is The Beatles played instruments and people still enjoy them and reminisce about them from time to time.
All my fellow Anti-Fan Girls/Boys, you're about to be pleased :D.


1. I Want (To Strangle You)

Tina Jenson's eyes glinted with infatuation as she sighed at her 100th One Direction poster. She was so proud, her collection had reached an important milestone. She held up her sixteenth Niall picture and placed her heavily decorated hand on her heart. She grabbed her floral tape ready to plaster it on her wall. She looked around her messy room and searched for a perfect place for her prized poster. She finally decided to place it about her bed so every night she could kiss goodnight to her favourite boy, Niall. she stepped back and admired the picture for about an hour when finally she turned and walked out of her 1D Merchandise-filled room.


Emily screamed. Tina's hand flew to Emily's mouth as she said

"Emily! Dear God, do you want the whole world to know about it? Well, now I think about it, that sounds quite nice" Tina stared into space for a second, dreaming about meeting the boys for a world record photo shoot.

"Tina? Tina! Tina!!? TINA!!!" Emily wacked Tina's arm hard. Awakening from her fantasy, Tina's arm shot up to her upper arm, grasping it in pain.

"Ouch! Emily!". Emily rolled her eyes and gently patted Tina's arm.

"I'm sorry, It's just you keep drifting in and out of a daze".

"Emily... Look, I'm sorry, I just can't help imagining Niall giving me the thumbs up for having the most 1D pictures in all of Britain - No, all of the WORLD! Ha, take that, Lindsay!". Tina smiled gleefully and went into Superdrug. She looked around the makeup isle for Lip gloss.

"Aah, here we are, Berry bloom, My favourite!" She grabbed a couple more tubes and then went over to the toiletries isle. She got some shampoo and shower gel and walked up to the counter.

She placed all her items down in front of the cashier who scanned them and said

"Eleven pounds Fifty pence, please". Tina's mouth dropped and said

"Um, could I get that at a lower price maybe?". The cashier raised her eyebrow and Tina smiled awkwardly, handing over 12 pounds.

"Here's your change, thank you" said the cashier, and Tina grabbed the stuff and her change and left the shop.

"Bloody hell, why are toiletries so expensive?". Emily laughed and looked in Tina's purse.

"Wow, Twelve pounds? You're almost wiped out!". Tina groaned annoyedly.

"It's okay, I'll buy Lunch, I have about twenty pounds in my pocket, so I think we could get an entire buffet if we wanted to". Tina gasped at Emily.

"Twenty pounds? What are you? Rich?". 

"No! It's the money I saved up for this week's 1D concert But, well. You know what happened".

Emily and Tina had saved up 40 pounds to go to a one direction concert, where they would sing Emily's favourite song by them "I Want". However, it had been cancelled and Tina had forgotten about the 20 pounds (Unusual, but probably because she was so sad about the concert).

"C'mon, let's go to chippies". 

"No, let's go to costa coffee, I feel like a cup of tea"

"But they don't even sell fish at costa"

"Tough titties then, because I want to go to costa coffee, Oh come on, Ems! It's cheap there. Chippies costs the earth!"

"No, Tina! we can buy a medium sized combo each for 10 quid, come on!"


Tina glared at Emily. Emily turned her back to her.

"Fine. You go to bleeding costa, see how you do with no money! I'm going to chippies, ALONE, if you aren't coming."

"Fine. I'll go to Al's bleeding chippy". Emily smiled smugly and they both set off to Chippy.



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