Online Love.

Who knew a with a click of the follow button, their lives would change forever? Follow Rebecca and Justin's journey through friendship, love, cheating, depression and distance. Will 10,000 miles keep them apart?

*This is not my story. I simply changed characters and a few words. Credit goes to Josee_Loves_Justin_Bieber on JBFF.*


3. two.



“Mr. Bieber!” I hear a voice shoot down my ear, which makes me wake up from my nap. I snap my head up and look around seeing my super angry English teacher staring at me.


“Mr.Bieber. If you just love taking naps in my class then you can just stand for the rest of the class, if you would like or you can pay attention.” Mrs.Johnson tells me as she points her finger at me.


“I will pay attention.” I groan. She nods and continues talking about something I dont know. I pull my phone out of my pocket to see we still have 20 minutes. I groan. I could really care less about English. I hate this subject. I place my phone on my desk as I prop my head on my hand.


I hear a snicker come from next to me. I look over to see my best friend Ryan trying so hard not to laugh. I glare at him, mentally cursing him out.


Let me tell you about myself. My name is Justin Drew Bieber. I am 17 and live in London, Ontario, Canada. I go to Stratford High School. My parents are divorced but I have a good relationship with both. My dad remarried a girl named Erin and had 2 kids with her, Jazzy being 2 and Jaxon being 3. I love them both with all of my heart.


I am captain of the basketball and baseball team. I am one of the most popular guys in school. I love music and writing music. As for after high school, I want to go to the University of Washington to play baseball. It have wanted to go to school there since I was 7. My grandfather went for baseball and he was amazing. I remember being little and loving the time with him when he would tell me all about his experiences and stories during his college life. He was a frat boy. Justin thinking about it makes me laugh. My grandma and him were highschool sweethearts.


The bell rings and I get up and head to my locker with Ryan right beside me. I put my stuff in my locker and grab my gym bag. “Is your mom still making you baby sit Jazzy and Jaxon tonight?” Ryan asks as he checks out every girl that walks by. I roll my eyes at him. “Yeah. I mean I don't care though.” I respond as I open the locker room doors.


“Well I was expected you to be pissed since you wanted to go to Hannah’s party.” he says as he changes. Fucking Hannah. She is the biggest slut I have ever met. She thinks we are dating and apparently have been since last year. In her dreams. Just because I’m the most popular guy in school does not mean I sleep with ever girl I see. I have my morals.


“I didn't plan on going. In speech this morning she was begging me to come and I told her I would think about it but I didn't even plan on going. I would go if it was anyone else's party besides hers.” I say as I fix my hair in the mirror. Damn I'm worse than a girl.


After lifting weights and running the whole class, I shower and finally leave school and head home. Not until I get stopped. “Justy!” I hear down the hallway. Cursing myself for not running out of school right after gym, I turn around slowly seeing Hannah walking down the hallway with her bitch of a clique: Molly and Wendy.


“Are you coming tonight?” she asks leaning in for a kiss. I lean back before she got the chance. “I have to babysit.” I say looking at the time.


“I can come over after.” she says smirking. Ha. “No. I’m busy. Some other time maybe.” I say as I take her hands off of me and walk out of the school doors and get in my car.


I open the door to my house and I instantly feel two bodies on my legs. I look down and see Jazzy and Jaxon smiling up at me. I bend down and take them into a hug. “Bieber!” they both say in unison as I squeeze them.

“Hey guys!” I say kissing their heads before they run back into the living room where I hear a movie playing.


“Hey mom!” I say walking into the kitchen. She looks up from the newspaper. She smiles when she met my brown eyes.


“Hi honey. I’m glad you're here. I have to leave now but if you need anything give me a call. I love you. Have fun watching Jaz and Jax.” she kissed my cheek and gave me a quick hug before I hear her leave.


I open the fridge and grab a vitamin water and make my way into the living room. Sitting on the couch noticing the movie The Little Mermaid playing. I swear Jaxon as a problem because this is like his favorite movie. It’s probably because she hardly wears anything. He is going to be a heartbreaker just like his big brother.


I grab my mac laptop from the coffee table where I left it last night. I click the internet tab and go to Tumblr. My obsession. Who knew reblogging things and posting pictures of yourself could make you Tumblr famous. I have 10,000 followers. I reblog some kick ass pictures and follow people. Checking my ask, I read through all the messages of girls giving me compliments. Not to cocky or anything, but I am sexy as hell. ;)


 “Bieber. What yew dewing?” Jaxon asked as he climbs up on the couch. It's so cute watching him have to climb up which takes him a little time.


“I'm just on the computer, buddy.” I smile at him. He gets comfortable next to me and looks at the screen as he admires a picture of a baseball player sliding into home base. I laugh at his expression.


“I'll be right back. I'm gonna set my laptop on the coffee table. Don't touch it okay?” I tell him as I stand up and walk into my room.


“Aye! No!” I say trying not to be loud which will end up making him cry. I walk fast over to Jaxon who is standing in front of my laptop pushing random buttons on my keyboard. I pick him up and sit him down next to Jazzy who is playing with barbies.


“Jaxon! I said not to touch.” I said as I look at my screen. My jaw drops. My computer screen showing not only a nice blog, but the most beautiful girl I have ever seen on the sidebar.


I scroll through her  her page and "me" tab and looking at all of the pictures of her. From the look of the pictures, she likes to sing and play softball. My heart rate starts picks up. "Damn," I mutter as I admire her features. Gorgeous brown eyes and hair. Perfect smile. Adorable nose. Cute cheeks. Lush lips. I feel like a creep.


Why did I have the feeling I had to get to know her? I go back to her tumblr and see her name. Rebecca. I click the Follow button. I gulp hoping that she follows me back. She has alot of followers like me. I shut my laptop off and grab Jaz and Jax and bring them up the stairs and into my room. I lay them on my bed and turn the tv on. I get between them and they cuddle into my side. Laying my head on my pillow, I close my eyes, thinking about Rebecca's smile.





“Becca! Did you hear anything I just said?” Jill asks. We are now at lunch and I finally clicked my notification to pull up this guy who followed me earlier. Justin’s tumblr. He is gorgeous. I have been sitting here for the past 10 minutes going through his pictures of himself. He is hot as hell. I feel like a creep, but he followed me. That's like an invitation to stalk him. Right?


I look up from my phone and look at Jill and some of my friends faces. “Sorry. I'm Tumblr.” I apologize realizing I was not paying attention to what Jill was saying. I go back to looking at Justin. His hazel eyes and perfectly quiffed golden hair. His plump kissable lips. His cute nose. His body. He is heaven on legs.


“What are you looking at?” Leah asks as she eyes me weird. I turn my phone so she can see my screen. I show the whole table a picture of Justin. Their faces crack me up.


“Holy shit. Who is that!?” Kelly squeals as she reaches for my phone. I giggle and smack her hand away.


“His name is Justin and he followed me on Tumblr. I mean a lot of hot guys follow me, but he is just, I don't know. There is something about him.” I say as I admire a picture of him pitching a baseball during i'm guessing one of his games. That was a plus. He plays baseball.


“Damn. Rebecca. You're in love.” Jill teases. I roll my eyes and smile at her remark.


“Maybe," I joke. "I wanna get to know him.” I say.


“Follow him. Girl. He is fine as fuck. Get you some of that.” Kelly winks.


I scroll back up to the top of the page and click follow. Why do I feel butterflies?


I lock my phone and slide it into my pocket and grab one of Leah’s popcorn chickens. I turn my head and look around the cafeteria. I’m really surprised Luke has not came over and try to get me into the locker room like every lunch time.


I turn my head a little more to see him sitting with his friends and talking to a girl who is obviously trying to get in his pants. He looks frustrated. I giggle to myself. His head turns my way and his eyes lock with mine. He smirks and winks at me. I decide to be a bitch and tease him. I wink back and turn back to my table. Knowing Luke, he will now think I want him. I dont. I just like messing with him.


The bell rings and I walk towards my communication arts classroom. I reach the room to see a note that says meet in the library. I groan and make my way there. I love communication arts but one thing makes me want to skip class. Luke.


I walk into the library to see the class already sitting at the tables and just my luck, Luke saved a spot for me which is the only spot left. I groan and walk over to the open seat. I ignore Luke, who has a smirk places on his lips.


“Okay. Class. We are starting a new project today. You will find any book, of your choice and writing a 10 page paper about it and these sheets tell you some other information you need to have in your paper. And no Logan. You can not pick a picture book.” Mr. Allen jokes. I giggle at his joke.


Mr. Allen continues with the discussion of the project. As Im listening, I feel Luke’s hand on my thigh. I slap his hand and he laughs. I look at him and give him a dirty look. He places his hand back on my thigh. I slap his hand harder and scoot away from him.


Finally Mr. Allen tells the class to go pick a book. I get up so fast and walk quickly away from everyone. I start looking for a book. Trying my best to stay away from Luke. I turn a corner and walk down a row of books. I look at the names and find a book that I would not mind doing a report on. I grab the book and read the back. As I flip through the pages of Looking for Alaska by John Green, I feel arms wrap around my waist. I groan and curse myself for not keeping a better eyes out for him.


He kisses my neck and goes up to my ear where he whisper “You look hot today Becca.” he says. I roll my eyes.


“Luke can you not leave me alone for 10 minutes?” I ask as I get out of his grip and hit him with my book on his arm and head.


“Come on. Just a quicky behind the magazine section? Please baby. You enjoyed it last time, didn't you?” he winks at me as he comes closer to me. Why does he have to bring that back up.


“Just because we have messed around a couple of time does not mean I want you.” I say putting my hand on my hip. Luke and I are not together and never will be but he is hot. Luke and I have had makeout sessions and done it a couple time but that does not make me a slut like a lot of these girls her at school. Does it?


He walks up to me and slides his hands on my hips and into my back pockets and pulls me closer. “Fine. But just a makeout session. I love your lips.” he smirks as he runs his thumb over my bottom lip.


I give in and wrap my arms around his neck and kiss his lips. Not going to lie. He is a great kisser. He backs me up so my back hits one of the book shelves. His tongue runs along my bottom lip and I open a little. He squeezes my butt and I moan. He smiles and slips his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues fight as I run my fingers through his blond hair. He groans into my mouth.


I hate him but yet I make out with him. I am a hypocrite. I pull away to catch my breath. He still had his eyes closed and he put his forehead on mine. I love the cute things he does like that. But he always goes back to his player mode eventually. I watch as he opens his eyes. He looks in my eyes and smiles. “You're so fucking beautiful.” he says as he catches his breath and tucks my bangs behind my ears.


I blush and smile. Now if he acted like this all the time, I would totally like him and want to date him. I bite my bottom lip and look in his blue eyes. I wish they were brown. Like Justin’s. He kisses my lips quickly before walking back towards the table area in the library.


“I will text you later. I'm going to your game too.” he winks then walks away. Just as the bell rings. I blink a couple of times to take in that I just made out with Luke. If only he was Justin. Damn. I need to stop thinking about this Justin guy. I don't even know him.


I check out my book and grab my stuff and walk to my locker where Jill is waiting.


“Have fun making out with Luke?” he raises her eyebrows. The fuck?


“How do you know!” I ask as I put my things in my bag.


“Luke walked up to me a couple of minutes ago while I was talking to Josh and I quote said “I had fun making out with your best friend in the library. It would have been better if I would have gotten in her pants.” she tells me.


Well the player Luke is back. I roll my eyes and we walk out of school. I tell her bye and head home listening to my favorite, Jhene Aiko.


I get home and flop down on the couch with a mozarella stick. I flip on the tv to see Spongebob is on. You are never too old for Spongebob. I pull out my phone and go to tumblr. I go to Justin’s and debate whether to leave him an ask or not. What would I say? Would he respond?


I start typing and I re-read the message over.


To @justinbieber:


Hey! Your blog and pictures are amazing.


Too weird? Should I just say hi? Ugh. I am going to regret this. I click send and put my phone on the coffee table. I dont even think he will message me back.


I close my eyes to see if I can get a nap in before my parents and Jolee get home. As Im about to fall into sleep, my phone vibrates. Unlocking my phone, I'm pretty sure my heart just jumped out of my chest.


New ask from: @justinbieber

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