Online Love.

Who knew a with a click of the follow button, their lives would change forever? Follow Rebecca and Justin's journey through friendship, love, cheating, depression and distance. Will 10,000 miles keep them apart?

*This is not my story. I simply changed characters and a few words. Credit goes to Josee_Loves_Justin_Bieber on JBFF.*


2. one.



Baby, I just ran out of band-aids

I don't even know where to start

'Cause you can bandage the damage

You never really can fix a heart

Oh no, no, no

You never really can fix a heart

Oh no, no, no

You never really can fix a heart

Oh-oh, oh, oh-oh yeah-oh, oh, oh, oh

You never really can fix my heart


I hit the last key on my piano letting the beautiful song I just finished writing fade out through my music room. I had been writing that song for around a week and it's finally finished. I stand up from my piano chair and close my music journal, placing it onto the piano and walking back into my bedroom.  


I log onto my addiction, Tumblr. I see 300 new people just followed me. I have over 10,000 followers. I really have no clue why. I just reblog things and put my own photos on there. It's pretty cool being "Tumblr famous" or a "Tumblr girl" as people call me, or should I say label me. I have hundreds of unread direct messages that people send me. I appreciate them and I love all of my followers.


I guess I should tell you about myself. My name is Rebecca Nicole Tremblay. I have caramel-ish brown hair at the moment. I change my hair color to different shades of brown alot. I have deep hazel eyes. I love to sing and write songs along with playing softball. I have been playing softball since I was around 6. I am 17 and a senior at Atlanta High School in Atlanta, Georgia. I plan on going to college and play softball for the University of Washington. It’s a family college. My parents went there together. My older brother Adam went there and graduated last year and went into the Army. Next month, September, will mark a year since I have last seen him.


My parents are amazing. My mom is a chef at a famous restaurant here in Atlanta. My dad is the basketball coach for Atlanta State University. They met in high school and the University of Washington was the college they both wanted to go to. Luckily they both got accepted. They have been married for at least 17 years. I want a marriage like theirs. Also I want to go to college with the love of my life.


I reblog a few pictures and follow some people then log off. “Becwa!” I hear the little pitter patter of feet coming closer and closer in the hallway. My door slowly opened revealing my beautiful little sister, Jolee. Her light brown short hair placed  in two pigtails along with her pink and zebra print onesie.


“Sissy! I gowing to sweep.” she says rubbing her brown eyes that are identical to mine.


She walks over to my bed where I am and climbs up and gives me a hug.


“wov you sissy” she says kissing my cheek. I laugh at her cuteness.


“I love you too. Goodnight cutie,” I smile, kissing her forehead before she climbed off my bed and walked out.


I look at the clock to see its already 9:49 at night. I change into a pair of spandex and t-shirt. Flipping off my light and slipping into my comfortable bed, I close my eyes and let sleep take over.  


*Beep Beep*


I groan and roll over so the light from my window doesn't hit my face. I should really remember to close my curtains at night. I climb out of bed, regretting it as coldness takes over. I grab a towel from the closet in my bathroom and turn the shower on. Looking in the mirror, I sigh, realizing I look like a complete mess.


I hop in the shower and do my normal routine. After drying off and blow drying my hair, I go into my closet. Today is Wednesday, which means I have a softball game tonight. Can I just say, I'm a beast. ;)  I am the captain of my school's varsity team. Anyways I change into a cute outfit since my coach always wants the players to dress up on game day at school. Don't ask why, I have no clue.   


“Bye mom! Bye dad!” I yell from the bottom of the stairs. I grab my car keys and drive to school. Walking in, I see the familiar faces of people. I go to my locker and place my bag and grab the necessary books I need


"Becca!!!" I hear from the end of the hallway. I turn to see my best friend Jill. I smile and close my locker. "Hey!" She smiles as we walk to class.


"Hey. Are you ready for the game tonight? She nudges me.


I shrug and keep walking. "Yeah. My dad has been working me to death. Ever since he made a part of the basement a gym, he thinks making me work out for 2 hours a day will make me an even better player." I roll my eyes.


We take our seats in the back of the classroom. I pull out my phone and sit it on my desk. I lay my head down and look Jill's way. So I can talk to her.


"Luke came looking for you when I walked into school." She says calmly.


I roll my eyes as she lets Luke's name come out of her mouth. Luke is the most popular guy in school and him and I have been sneaking around since the beginning of senior year. He is amazingly hot with blue eyes. 


"He probably wants a quicky in an empty classroom." I roll my eyes once again.


"Why dont you find a real guy to date instead of a friends with benefits." Jill says looking at me.


Mrs.Yankee walks in carrying a stack of papers. "Morning. Okay well i kinda spilled coffee on my lesson plan for today so do whatever you want." She tells us as she tucks her bangs behind her ear.


I turn towards Jill again. “After our game tonight you wanna go to Matt’s party? He texted me last night asking if we wanted to go.” I ask crossing my right leg over my left.


“Sure! I have to talk to Josh first. Just to see if he is going. Which he probably is.” she smiles. Josh is Jill’s boyfriend. They have been together for 2 years and they are so cute. Josh is like an older brother to me.


As i am talking about how fine the Franco brothers are, my phone vibrates on the table. I grab it and unlock it. I see I have a notification from Tumblr. It's probably just a new message or something. I take my thumb and slide down notification bar.  Reading it,

@justinbieber is now following you.

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