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9. Then and Now

Niall's POV   I woke up and saw Lacey playing the keyboard. I tiptoed out of bed so she wouldn't hear me and I grabbed her from behind.   "Shit! Niall you scared me." She yelled when I picked her up.   "I didn't know you played piano." I said to her while still holding her. "Play for me. Please."   "Fine Niall. Just put me down."   I put her back down where she was sitting and she took out the headphones and started playing. It was beautiful.   "Lacey, you're amazing." I said while sitting beside of her.   She shook her head stating no.   "No. Lacey. I mean it. You're amazing."   She stopped playing and looked at me.   "And so are you Niall." She but her lip which turned me on.   "Lacey, it's like 3am it's still dark and no one else is awake."   "And?"   "Well. When you bite your lip it turns me on so much."   Lacey got up and sat in my lap and started kissing me. She was only wearing a t-shirt of mine and panties and I was just wearing boxers.   "Lacey stop teasing me."   She moved down and got on her knees. She took off my boxers and started to suck my dick. I picked her up and put her on my lap.   Lacey's POV   When Niall put me on his lap I could feel his hard dick against my v. He took off my shirt and panties. He put me on the bed and got on top of me.   "Niall... Oh shit!" I wasn't ready for him to fuck me yet. He moved my legs further apart and got harder. I clenched the sheets and tried not to moan loud but Niall just kept getting harder and harder. He was breathing harder and harder with every thrust he gave. I couldn't stop moaning. I grabbed his back and brought it closer to my chest.   "Lacey! It's coming!" He says while still fucking me.   "Just   do   it!" I manage between the moans. I feel him cum inside of me with the last thrust and moan he gave. He laid beside of me and his chest was moving up and down fast.    "Are you tired?" Niall asked me while scooting in close to me.   I turned towards him and cover up with the conifer. "Yeah."   I turned around and his body touched mine. I felt his hand on my hand and him playing with my hair.   "Goodnight Lacey." He kissed my shoulder.   I looked over my shoulder and kissed him. "Goodnight."   I turned back around and we both fell asleep naked and our bodies touching.   Niall's POV   I heard the alarm go off.   "Lacey, it's time to wake up."   I got up and went to use the bathroom. After I was done I went back to see if Lacey got up.   "Morning Niall." Lacey said while sitting up.   I went and sat beside of her.   "I'm gonna take a shower real quick and you can take one after I'm done." I said to Lacey while getting up.   Lacey's POV   After Niall got in the shower his phone lot up. Now I know it was the wrong thing to do but I went through his texts.   "Last night was really great. I can't wait to go on another date!" I read the text out loud and saw who sent it. Some girl named Angela. I put the phone back where it was and started getting my stuff. I never thought Niall would do this to me.    I'll just get my stuff and call my mom to get me. I thought while packing my stuff. I felt warm tears on my cheeks. I went out to the balcony to get some fresh air but I couldn't stop crying.   Niall's POV   When I got out of the shower I put sweat pants on and walked into the room. I heard Lacey crying on the balcony so I went to see what was wrong. I hugged her from behind.   "Hey. Lacey whats...?"   "Get away from me Niall!" She yelled at me while pushing me away.   "Lacey. Calm down." I asked her but she wouldn't.   "Niall. I trusted you."   "First tell me what I did!" I demanded her.   "I don't know why don't you ask Angela?" She said sarcastically.   "Lacey. I don't know what you're talking about?"   "Your phone went off and I looked at your texts and saw her."   "Fuck! Lacey Angela is my ex and she won't leave me alone. Trust me I would never hurt you. Ever!"   She didn't say anything. I walked up behind her.    "Look Lacey. If you choose to believe her than it's over." I said knowing she would never do that. She started crying harder and I grabbed her.   "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it."   "Just put me down!" She yelled. I carried her the the bed and put her on it.   "Look Niall. I knew it was too good to be true. I actually thought I was in love with you. I thought you cared about me, but I guess not." Lacey said while getting her bags and walking to the door.   "No! I'm not letting you leave!" I yelled while blocking the door. She kissed me on the lips and slipped out and ran. When I got out I didn't see where she ran so I ran everywhere. I checked the bathrooms and every floor but she was gone. I walked back to the room and got my phone and read the texts. I threw my phone on the ground I felt tears fall from my face. I fell on the bed and cried.    "She's gone." I said to myself over again. "She's never coming back. My love left me." I cried into the pillow and soon I fell asleep.   "Niall! What are you doing?" I heard the boys ask me.   My face still in the pillow. "Nothing." I sat up.   "Emm. You know we have to leave." Zayn said while walking towards me.   "I can't! Lacey's gone. And I have to find her!" I said while getting up.   "Why is Lacey gone?" Louis asked me.   "Angela texted me and Lacey saw; but I swear I have nothing to do with Angela. And Lacey left."   "Are you telling the truth? Do you really have nothing to do with Angela?" Liam asked me.   "Yes! I swear! I just want Lacey back! I love her!" I practically yell.   "Well before she left she said goodbye to us." Liam said and Harry coming in "And we made her stay."   "What?! Lacey's here?!" I asked frantically hoping she was.   "Yes. She's in my room right now." Liam said while walking towards me. "She thinks you just used her and she's really upset."   "You need to talk to her." Harry said.   I walked to Liam's room and saw Lacey crying on the bed.   I opened the door. "Ehm. Lacey. Can I talk to you? Please?"   "Just get out!" She yelled at me.   "Lacey, I can explain..."   "NO! You've done enough!"   I felt tears run down my face and I walked out and sat against the wall beside the door. My head was in my hands and I cried.   Lacey's POV   I got up to see if Niall really left and I saw him crying. I cracked the door.   "Fine get in here." I said to Niall while walking back from the door.   He ran through the door and it hit the wall and he hugged me. I started crying harder.   "I couldn't leave you Niall..."   "Then what were you planing to do?!" Niall asked me nearly yelling.   Niall's POV    "Never mind. Don't answer that." I said to her while holding her even longer.   "So who's that girl?" Lacey asked me. I sat her down on the bed and I sat beside of her. After I told her everything we hugged.   "So does this mean we are good now?" I asked her.   She kissed me.   "C'mon. Lets get out of here." I said to her while getting up and putting my arm around her shoulders.
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