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5. Stay

The next morning Harry woke us up.   "It's nice to see you're okay." Harry said to me.   "Yeah."   "Are you ready Lacey.? It's time to visit your mother." Niall asked me.   "Yes I am."   We held hands and walked down to his car and got in.   "Lacey?"   "Yes."   "I'm glad we found each other."   "Me too." I laid my head on his shoulder. We didn't talk the whole ride. I saw my mom waiting for me.   "C'mon Niall."   I got out of the car and ran to my mother hugging her. Niall came walking behind me.   "Niall promise me you're going to keep her safe." My mother asked Niall.   "I will ma'am." Niall said to my mother.   "Lacey I want you to call me at least once a week." Said my mother. I shook my head in agreement.   "And Niall I want you to call me too, and in Lacey's medicine bag there should be my number and instructions for her medicine and I want you to make sure she takes her medicine everyday."   "Yes ma'am. And thank you for letting Lacey do this. It means a lot to me."   "Just don't hurt her Niall. I'm trusting you."   "I would never hurt her ma'am."   "Alright Lacey I'm gonna miss you."   "I'm gonna miss you too mom. I love you."   "I love you too."   After we said our goodbyes we all hugged and Niall and I left.    After we got back Niall introduced me to his band mates.   "Lads this is Lacey. She's going to be staying with us while we're on tour."   "It's very nice to meet you Lacey." Liam said to me while shaking my hand.   "Are you guys dating?" Louis asked while winking.   "Why does everyone keep thinking that?! No we are not dating Louis!" Niall said to Louis in an annoyed voice.   "Niall calm down. He didn't know." I tried to calm Niall down.   "But you too would look good together as a couple." Zayn said while smiling at me.   I blushed and tried to hide it.   "C'mon lets get on the bus." Niall walked me to his and Harry's bus.   Niall sat on the couch and Harry was on his bunk.   "Come sit down Lacey." Niall said while patting a spot beside him for me.   I sat beside him and we both got on twitter.   "Do you have a twitter?" Niall asked me.   "Yeah." I told him my username.   "I'm going to follow you. Okay?"   "Okay."   After Niall followed me a lot of people were saying bad stuff about me. I didn't say anything to Niall I just closed the laptop and laid down. Niall laid down beside of me.   "Lacey, I know you're sad."   "I'm not sad."   "I know you are because what was on twitter. They don't mean what they say."   "It's okay, let's just lay here."   "Do you want to watch some tv?"   "Sure." I told Niall.   "Alright."   "And Niall? Where are we going?"   "Well first we are going to New York, but that's tomorrow."   "So we stay on the bus?"   "Yeah but of course we are gonna stop a few times."   "Oh okay."   We watched tv and cuddled for a bit then we fell asleep.
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