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6. Spin

Niall's POV   "Niall, do you want to go to the club?" Harry asked me. While waking me up.   "I'm gonna stay here with Lacey till she wakes."   "Fine." Harry walked out.   I turned back around to Lacey and started to play with her hair like I always did. Lacey turned around to me.   "Niall you can go with Harry."   "I would rather stay here with you."   "What time is it?"   "It's almost 1 am. Why?"   "I was just wondering."   Lacey turned back around and took off her shirt. I rubbed her back with my hand and felt her bones. I sat up and turned her where she faced me and I examined her stomach and shoulders. She was so small.    "Niall, what are to doing?" She asked me.   I got up and went to the kitchen area of the bus and made her a big meal.   "Lacey eat it!" I demanded her to.   "I don't want to."   I got on the bed and made her eat it.   "Niall! Why are you doing this to me?"   "You're so small. I can feel your bones. You need to eat!"   After I finally got her to eat I gave her medicine to her and she started crying so I sat down and put her in my lap.   "Lacey, why are you crying?"   She didn't say anything to me.   "Look Lacey I'm sorry, but you had to eat."   She turned around and kissed me. We made out for a lil till Harry came in. I covered Lacey so she could put her shirt back on.   "Harry do you mind?" I asked Harry.   "It's okay Niall. My shirt is on." Lacey told me.   "I'm sorry I didn't think you guys were doing anything." Harry said to both of us.   "We weren't. She just got hot." I told him.   "Okay." Harry said back to me.   "Niall do you want to walk around?"   "Yeah. Here put these on."   I handed her my sweatpants and my shirt that was big on her.   "It's cold out." I told her.   After she slipped into my clothes we both walked out together holding hands.   "Niall, lets dance."   "In the parking lot?" I asked her.   She shook her head. I grabbed her closer to me and I started singing to her. She laid her head on my shoulder. Then we kissed. Not just like the other kisses. This kiss was different. After we kissed it was time for us to get back on the buses and leave.   When we got back on Harry was sleeping on the couch and me and Lacey went back to my bunk.   "Can I sleep with you tonight?" Lacey asked me.   I shook my head. We both got into the little twin sized bed and fell asleep together.
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