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8. Now

When we woke up it was already time to get ready for the tour.   "Lacey, c'mon. You have to get ready." I woke Lacey up.   She got out of bed and changed into a black tight skirt and a white crop top.   Lacey's POV   "Lacey, you look great." Niall said to be while biting his bottom lip.   "Niall, stop it." I said playfully.   I curled my hair and did my make up.   "Alright. I'm ready now." I said to Niall while grabbing my phone and handbag.   "Finally." Niall said sarcastically.   Niall grabbed my hands and we walked in the stadium together.    "We are going to do a sound check in 30 minutes so till then we are all going to stay back here." Niall said to me as we walked in backstage.   Niall's POV   Whenever we got backstage I found Louis.   "Hey. My and Lacey are dating now." I whispered on his ear.   "EVERYONE, NIALL AND LACEY ARE DATING NOW. IT'S OFFICIAL!" Louis yelled at the top of his lungs. I laughed and looked over to Lacey as she was blushing. I hugged her and kissed her.   "Lacey, do you want to come to my dressing room?" I asked her.   "Sure."   I grabbed her hand and walked her to my dressing room.   "So. How long until the show?" Lacey asked me.   "Ehh. About five minutes now."   "Well don't you think you should be getting ready to go out there?"   "Oh yeah."   We walked back to back stage and me and the boys get ready to go on stage.   "Lacey, you can stay with Lou if you want." I said to her while entering the stage.   After the concert we walked back stage.   "Great show lads!" Louis says while walking towards the bathroom.   I walked to my dressing room to change.   "Oh. Emm. Hey Lacey. I didn't thing you were back here." I said to Lacey while walking to her.   "You guys sounded great." Lacey said to me changing the subject.   I smiled and kissed her.   "Help me get my stuff so we can leave." I said while packing my bags.   "Where are we going?" She asked confusingly.   "Remember we are going to the hotel. I want to make it there before paparazzi."    After we got mine and her bags we walked to the hotel because it wasn't far away. When we got into the room I put down all of the bags.   "I'm going to change in the bathroom real quick." I said while walking in the bathroom.   "Niall, is it just going to be us in here?"   "Well of course."   "Then you can just change out here." Lacey said while biting her bottom lip.   "Ok."   Lacey's POV   Niall walked towards me and kissed me hard on the lips while pinning me to the bed.   "Lacey, I fucking want you now." Niall said while kissing my neck.   "I'm ready Niall."    "Are you sure?" He stopped kissing me to ask.   "Positive."   Niall didn't say anything back to me. He took off his shirt and resumed kissing me. I kicked my shoes off and took my shirt off. Niall took my skirt off and kissed my stomach. He unstraps my bra and massages my boobs making me moan.   "Niall!" I moan. He giggles and resumes.   He takes his pants of and kisses me from my neck to my stomach then down to my panties. He traces the lining of my panties and slowly pulls them off. I feel his hot breath against my pussy sending chills up my spine. Then he slowly licks my v getting faster and faster.   "Niall! Oh my god!" I yell while grabbing the sheets on the bed.   He stops and comes back up to my mouth.   "Are you ready?" Niall asks me with a devilishly smile on his face. He then enters his dick in my v without giving me time to answer.   "NIALL!" I moan practically yelling.   He thrusts into me harder and harder. I moan with every thrust he gives.   "Niall!" I moan over and over again.   "Damn, you're fucking tight." Niall says while still thrusting.   "Well this is my first time." I manage to say between the moans.   "Then I'll make your first time memorable." He gets harder and harder making me moan louder and louder.   "Shit! Lacey I'm gonna fucking cum."    He's still thrusting into me and then lets out a moan and cums inside of me.   "FUCK NIALL!" I yell as he does.   "Dammit." He says while he pulls out and lays down beside of me. "You're so fucking tight."   I smiled. We both fell asleep naked under the sheets. I wake up at three something in the morning and put on one of Niall's t-shirts and got up and made tea.   After I made myself tea I lay back down and looked at Niall.   He looked so perfect while he slept. His hair down and he snored a tiny bit. But it was cute. I sat the tea on the little table beside of me and laid down in front of Niall. I put my hand on the side of his face and moved his hair back and forth with my thumb. I looked around the huge hotel room and saw a lot of instruments. I also saw a keyboard so I snuck out of bed trying not to wake Niall and walked to the keyboard. I sat down and put the headphones on my head and played a key to make sure it was on. And it was. I started to play it.
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