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2. Needed

The next morning Niall woke me up.   "Lacey wake up your mum is here."   I got up and saw Harry was still sleeping. I looked to Niall and he hurried and got my shoes and put them on my feet.   "Thank you Niall for everything."   "Lacey you don't need to thank me."   Niall walked me to my mother. I ran up to her hugging her.   "I'm glad you're safe Lacey."   Niall hugged me goodbye.   "Thanks again for everything."   "Lacey you needed it."   Me and Niall hugged and right before my mom pulled out Niall came running.   "Lacey wait!" Niall yelled.   I got out of the car to see what he wanted.   "Yes Niall?"   "I wanted to give you my number. Call me when you get back so I know you're safe."   "Alright. Bye Niall."   Niall hugged me then kissed me on the cheek.   "Goodbye Lacey."   I got back in the car and went to sleep right away.   After we got back to my house I took a shower and cleaned up. I remembered that I needed to call Niall.   I reached in my pants pocket and found the paper.    "Hey Niall I'm sorry I didn't call earlier. It wasn't on my mind."   "Lacey! You had me worried sick!"   "I'm sorry Niall. I was doing a lot of stuff and..."    Niall interrupted me.   "No I'm sorry for yelling at you. I should've known you had to do stuff."   "Okay?" I said confusingly.   "Well I'm gonna call you later. Bye Lacey."   "Bye."   I went downstairs to talk to my mom.   "Lacey did you guys do anything?"   "Mom, do you really think I would do something with a total stranger?"   "No. He seemed like a nice boy. Do you like him?"   "Mom he's in the worlds biggest boy band. He would ever like me."   "You're wrong. Before he came to get you this morning he told me that you were very pretty and nice. I think he's got a crush on you."   I shook my head in disagreement and sat on the couch to watch tv. I dozed off while laying there.   "Lacey!" I heard my mother yelling. "Lacey! That boy wants to talk to you. Your phone was ringing so I answered it."   I picked up the phone.   "Hello?"   "Lacey, is that you?"   "Yes."   "Well, umm, I was wondering if you'd want to go on a date with me?"   "Yes I would love to, but I have to ask my mom first."   "I already asked your mom and she said she was fine with it. I'll pick you up at 9 pm."   "Alright bye Niall."   "Bye hun."   "See Lacey I told you he liked you."   I smiled and ran up to my room to get ready. I put on a pair of skinny jeans and a lacey shirt. I straitened my hair and put on some make-up. While I was finishing up I heard the doorbell ring. I ran downstairs to open the door. As I opened up the door Niall was looking at the ground.   "Ma'am is Lacey th..."   Niall looked up.   "Lacey, you look beautiful."   "Thank you." I could feel myself blushing.   Niall grabbed my hand and walked to his car. And opened up the door for me.
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