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4. Help

The next morning I got up before Lacey did. Harry was already up.   "Lacey, wake up we have to leave." I shook Lacey but she wouldn't get up. I turned her around and shook her again. "Lacey!" I started yelling.   I checked to find a pulse and I couldn't.   "Harry she's not breathing!" I yelled to Harry. "Call the police! Call someone, anyone!"   I continually shook and yelled hoping she would wake up. But nothing. I felt the warm tears on my face fall. Soon the police and ambulance got there. The ambulance let me ride in the back to the hospital. I held her hand the whole way there and I cried and couldn't stop. When we got to the hospital they made me wait in the waiting room. After about an hour the doctor came out and brought me to the room where she was.   "Niall, Lacey has cancer, and she didn't take the medicine that she needed." The doctor said to me.   I sat there still holding onto Lacey's hand.   "How long has she had cancer?" I asked the doctor.   "Three years, but it's gotten better."   "Thanks doctor."   I laid my head on her arm when her mother came in.   "Is she okay? What happened?" She kept asking.   "The doctor said that she's had cancer, and she didn't take her medicine."   "Did she not tell you she had cancer?"   "No."   After about two hours she was still sleeping and I still was holding onto her hand. I started to sing to her. After about five minutes of me singing she woke up. I hugged her, and I didn't let go.   "Where am I." Lacey asked.   "You're in the hospital Lacey. You didn't take your medicine." I told her.   She started to cry.   "Lacey why are you crying?"   "I didn't want you to figure out I had cancer."   "Why?"   "Because..." She didn't finish 'cause she started to cry again.   I hugged her.   "Lacey it's okay. Just relax and take it easy." I told her.   "Niall lay beside me. Please ."   Lacey moved over and patted a spot next to her for me. I laid down beside her.   "Niall what about shopping today and what about the tour?"   "The doctor said that you're gonna get released tomorrow so after that we are gonna go back to the hotel and you're going to take it easy."   "I'm sorry I put you through this."   "It's fine Lacey. You just need to relax."    We both fell asleep on the hospital bed.   "Lacey it's time to leave." I said to her while rubbing her arm.   She got up. I grabbed her hand and the bag of medicine that her mom brought and we left.   After we got to the hotel we got on my laptop and did online shopping. I got her shoes, clothes, a laptop, etc. I looked over to Lacey.   "Are you tired Lacey?"   "No. I just feel like laying here. Come lay with me Niall."   I walked to the bed and laid beside her. Her head rested on my arm. It was nice to just relax and do nothing.   Lacey's POV   Niall fell asleep while we were laying so I got up and made some tea. Niall woke up when the tea was finished.   "Niall do you want some tea?" I asked him knowing the answer.   "Yes please."   I handed him a cup of tea and he sat up and drank it.   "Thank you Lacey."   "You're very welcome Niall."   "Did you sleep at all Lacey?"   "No I haven't been really sleepy."   "We're going to leave here tomorrow at noon so if there's anything you wanna get done tell me and I'll do it."   "Nope. Wait can we visit my mother before we leave?"   "Yeah."   "When are we gonna get my stuff?" I asked Niall.   "Well it's suppose to be delivered 30 minutes before we leave."   "Alright." I said sadly.   "Why are you sad Lacey?" Niall asked me while sitting up close to me.   "I just don't want you to feel like I'm using you. Like you just bought me a whole new wardrobe, and so much more."   "Lacey, it's my choice. I'm choosing to do this."   "Why?" I asked him.   "Because I want to."   I smiled at him.   "It's getting dark now. Are you still tired Niall?"   "Yeah. Are you?"   "Yes."   "Well come to bed then."   "Okay. And where's Harry?"   "He's out. He should be getting here any minute now."   We both laid down in bed and cuddled. He laid behind me with one arm under my head and the other arm across my stomach.
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