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3. Fast

"So where are we going Niall?"   "Well I was hoping you could tell me."   "Maybe somewhere out to eat. I have mone..."   Niall interrupted me.   "Lacey I can pay for it."   "Niall you've don't too much for me."   "Not enough."   "Niall why do you care so much about me?"   "I dunno. I just feel like I need to do it. I feel like you need me."   I smiled and hugged him. "But you could have so much more. You can have someone that is prettier, skinnier, and richer than me."   "Lacey I don't want anyone else. I want you."   Niall hugged me and kissed me on the forehead.   "Do you want to go to a restaurant?" Niall asked me.   "Sure."   "Where do you want to go."   "Surprise me." I smiled at Niall.   Before we went into the restaurant Niall took pictures with fans, and after we finally got seated.   "Lacey tell me stuff I don't know about you."   "Like what?"   "Like your age, grade, what you want to do career wise, and other stuff like that."   "Okay. Well I'm 17 and I'm finishing up 12th grade. When I get older I either want to be a pianist but reality wise I want to be a doctor for babies. And that's all. What about you."   "I'm 19, I'm already out of school and I'm in a band with four other boys one of them you already met."   "You're two years older than me. I'm pretty sure you don't want me now."   "Lacey. Age is just a number and besides it's only two years."   "Why do you like me so much?"   "I just really like you and I know it's only been two days. But Lacey you know how I'm on tour?"   "Yes?"   "Umm well I can only stay here for three more days, but I want to see you everyday."   "And?"   "I was wondering if you could go on tour with me? You can finish school on the bus. That's what I had to do and I can help you study. Please Lacey."   "My mom..."   "I've already talked to her. She said yes. Please say yes Lacey."   "Yes I would love too!"   Niall got up from his seat and hugged me. "Thank you so much Lacey."   I hugged him back. "Niall I'm not really hungry."   "Neither am I."   "Well do you wanna go walking?"   "Sure c'mon." Mine and Niall's hand met. When we walked out there was no pap.   "Lacey you really have made me happy for the past few days."   "And you have made me happy too."   We walked to a park and sat on the bench. He put his arm on my shoulders and I leaned on his shoulder.   "Niall when am I leaving to go on tour with you?"   "Well you're going to stay at the same hotel with me then when it's time to travel your gonna go with me."   "Okay."   "And you're gonna stay the night with me tonight if that's fine with you, because tomorrow we need to get up early so we can go shopping tomorrow."   "Shopping for what?"   "Well I'm going to bye you new everything."   "Niall there you go again. I don't need anything new."   "Lacey I'm sorry. I just wanted to make you happy."   "I'm sorry Niall I didn't mean to go off. It's just been a lil crazy for the past days."   "It has but I'm glad it's been with you."   I looked up to Niall and saw his blue eyes. Just then we kissed. The kiss felt like for ever. Niall hugged me and picked me up bridal style.   "Niall put me down!" I squeezed out between me laughing.   "I've never heard you laugh like that."   "Oh my god. I'm so sorry my laugh is horrible."   Niall put me down.   "No your laugh is beautiful. I love it."   "Really?"   "Yes. I wouldn't lie to you Lacey."   I smiled.    "It's late. Lets get you back to your house and get your stuff."   "Okay."   When we got back to the restaurant there was people everywhere. Flashes where everywhere. Niall grabbed me and moved through the crowd. After we got inside his car Niall kept apologizing to me.   "Lacey I'm so sorry. I should've known they would be there. Are you hurt? I'm terribly sor..."   "Niall it's okay. It's not your fault."   He looked so sad. The whole ride to my house was quiet. After we got to my house my mother started asking us questions.   "Are you two dating? Because everyone is saying you are."   "Ma'am trust me I would ask before I did start dating her, and whose saying that we're dating?" Niall asked.   "Well look. There's pictures of you picking her up and you guys hugging."   "They didn't even ask us if we were dating." I said.   "We'll you two better hurry and get everything. Before they come again." Said my mother.   "C'mon Niall lets go to my room."   I led Niall up the stairs to my room.   "Niall, do you care if I take a quick shower?"   "Go ahead. I'll just wait here."   After I was done taking a shower and getting dressed I went into my room and saw Niall sleeping on my bed. I figured I could pack everything and wake him up when I was ready.   I only needed to pack clothes for tonight and for tomorrow so it took me like ten minutes to pack. After I finished I laid down beside of Niall and started to move his hair out of his face.   "Niall." I shook him. "Niall it's time to leave."   Niall opened his eyes and smiled.   He got up and stretched his arms. "Lets go." He smiled.   He got the little bad that held my clothes and I got my phone. We were already at the door.   "Mom I'm leaving now!" I yelled so she could hear me.   "Have fun!" She yelled back at me.   I followed Niall to his car and got in. After he started driving I fell asleep on his shoulder.   Niall's POV   I didn't want to wake Lacey up when we got there so I got her bag and picked her up. Surprisingly she wasn't heavy at all but that's not what she thought. I got to mine and Harry's room.   "Well hello there!" Harry yelled playfully.   "Shh Harry! She's trying to sleep!" I whispered.    I laid Lacey on the same spot where she first slept.   "Are you two dating now?" Harry asked me.   "No we were just having some fun tonight. Besides Harry it's time for bed."   Harry turned the light off and I slipped in bed with Lacey.    "Niall?"   "Lacey I didn't mean to wake you up. I'm sorry."   "It's okay but do you care if I take off my shirt it's really hot? I'll leave my bra on."   "Go ahead."   "And Niall?"   "Yeah."   "Can you play with my hair like you did that night? I can't sleep."   "Yes darling."   After she took off her shirt I scooted in closer to her but not close enough to were we were touching and I twirled my finger in her hair. She scooted back into me to where our bodies fit like puzzle pieces. I wrapped my arms around her and we both fell asleep.
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