Broken ~Sequel to Secrets~

Cia's a different person now. Everyone thinks she's dead. Her family, friends, and most importantly the love of her life Niall Horan.
She now does everything to avoid the familiar faces


1. Prologue



     "Hey Niall" smiled Jade as she wrapped her arms around me hugging me, i hugged back trying to plaster on a smile to hide the frown forming on my lips. "Hey babe" i said, she smiled at me and took my hand.
Ok, i know what you think. What an asshole, after Cia dies he goes out with the girl who technically caused her death. 
Well, it's been two years now, almost three. The band is rising high with tours, signings, and new music. The fan base is growing, they all think we're happy and back to normal after getting over Cia's death.

Well, not really. Liam still cries himself to sleep sometimes, Harry goes drinking practically every night, Louis and Zayn spend as much time as possible with their girlfriends, that's how it is for the past two years. And all the four of them try not to stay with me for more than anything band related since i started going out with Jade, which is going on for about one year now. 
We dont show it to the paps, or fans, Paul is trying to keep us all together, it seems like he's the only one who cares about the band now.

Me and Jade walked in the New York Central Park hand in hand. It was early September, the 7th to be exact. In 10 days its Cia's three year death anniversary. It stabs me in the heart everytime i remember her, i still have her favorite scarf in my closet hidden so no one can find it, all the silly pictures we took together are still in a box under my bed, no one bothers to stick their heads there, so it's safe. 
Jade is too blind to notice that i dont even love her, and that stupid Simon made me go out with her. She doesnt even get it, and worst part is, i cant break up with her until Simon says so, it feels like im his dog...

I honestly miss Cia. whenever we get to spend out holiday with Liam's family i go visit her grave. It was only us, her family (the one's that cared), Cher, her fellow back up dancers and Cher's drummer and guitar player at the funeral. There were also Jake and Austin who canceled a chance of a life time in their modelling careers just to come. 

Enough about that. I live in London now, in fact we all do. Jade moved in with me a couple weeks ago. Management orders...
Liam's birthday was kind of a blur. If Cia was alive she would've been 23 years old. Her parents actually cared for her, it was too late when they finally realized why she used to act like the bad girl who didnt have a care in the world. 

Louis and El are engaged, they are so happy together. He purposed to her on New Years Eve. It was cute, if i may say so myself. Little Mix became one of the top female bands in the US and UK. Jade is an annoying bitch, who's also a pain in the ass. Perrie says otherwise, of course, they're best friends. Jessy agrees with me, as for Leigh-Anne she's with Perrie on this one. 
The boys pity me, but not Harry. He still hates me, and says Cia's death was mostly my fault. 

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