Story Of My Life.

Just the inside thoughts of a young girl.


1. The First Day.

As I slap the alarm clock and arise out of bed, I think " it's finally here, the first day of school,.." when i wipe my eyes and reach for my glasses, I discovered my glasses have disappeared. But where could they have gone? Then I start to hear giggles and soft breathing, I look down to see Tomas (my little brother) under my bed clenching my glasses and closing his eyes. When I lay down on the ground and tap him, he opened his eyes and laughed loud. I asked for them back but he refused to let go. When I tried to take them from him he nudged away, so in a instant I yelled at him. Then out of nowhere he just starts to cry, and cry. When I hear my moms footsteps coming towards my room, I quickly stand to explain. Before I could say anything she says " Tomas, if you don't give back her glasses now you will be grounded." When he quickly gives them back and runs out of my room I turn to my mom and say " Thanks". By this time there was only twenty minutes left to get ready then catch the bus. Wen I discover the time I attempt to rush, but fail miserably. I missed the bus by five minutes and ask my mom to take me instead. I don't like to ask ever since she lost her job, it seems like she is always needing gas money when she never goes anywhere. 




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