Story Of My Life.

Just the inside thoughts of a young girl.


2. Making Friends.

When my mom drops me off at school, I try to dodge the kisses and begin class. I climb out of the car and walk to the main doors, I push the surprisingly heavy door out of my way. Instant I feel every eye looking at me, wondering if this is a dream and I forgot to wear clothes. I rush to my locker shove my books inside and quickly pace to class. On my way there I see every tired, uptight, and sad face. Like someone passed away and no one told me about it, I step into my algebra one class and instantly get annoyed. Just as I thought things were getting better, it went for a wrong turn when Jessica, (the most meanest person on the face of the earth) sat next to me. This part wasn't so bad only until she spit right on my desk and pushed my books down. I had dealt with her before in previous events but never this early. I was shocked, but never the less i just picked up my books and moved to another seat. Algebra one was cheesy only because since its the first day the teacher was making us do things that reminded us of summer, like we weren't sad enough that summer was over. My teacher Mr.Wright was a serious type of person, he didn't really appreciate the comments and gossip in class but no one cared. Personally I at least try to care about how he is feeling, I hate seeing the teaches get treated like crap. When I quietly leave the classroom I get bum rushed by my best friend Laura, "Oh my god I can't believe your hear!" "Uh yea, I thought I told you about it over the phone?" I tried to sound polite but she never listens to something that's not gossip."Oh yea right, I remember." Well I gotta go, bye". Its nerve racking not knowing who might be here, there are like a thousand people in this school.

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