Rock Me

rated +16 because there is innappropriate content. If you are not comfortable with reading it, don't.

(HARRY) He looks into my eyes. "I love you." he whispers. I smile at his comment. "I love you more." He then slowly kissed my lips. I pull away. "whats wrong babe?" He had a confused look on his face. I looked down for a moment, then back up. "Can I ask you for something?" He then whispers very close to my face, "Anything you want love, I get you." I smile and bite my lip. I whisper in his ear 2 words. "Rock me." And he did just that.


3. Your not like most girls

Harry's POV:

"Wanna go sit down?" I said to her as we started walking. she looked at me unsure.

"um, sure." We walk to the closest coffee shop that we could find and went inside. we sat down at a table and just started talking.

"your not like most girls I meet." I said to her as she started blushing. "well, thanks, I guess. how am I different from the other girls?"

"your not as hipper. your more relaxed." It was true. Almost every girl I meet is always so hipper and just wants a picture with me. she nodded her head. "Yeah, well, when I first met you, my head was going crazy. But I try not to let that out because it's just not me."

I looked at her eyes. They were a beautiful hazel color. Her hair was brown with gold natural highlights in it. she took out her phone and then looked at me.

"well, I probably should get going." she said getting up. I didn't want her to go. I wanted to spend more time with her. "Wait." I said to her taking out a folded piece of paper. I took out a pen and wrote my number on it."here. I like talking to you. hopefully we can do it again soon." she took the paper and widening her eyes a little. she looked at me it confusion.

"Um, wow. I mean, thanks. ya. we should do this again soon. it was fun." As she started to walk to the exit,I forgot something."Wait!" she looked back at me. "I forgot to ask what your name was."

"Julia." She said as she smiled and walked out the door.

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