Rock Me

rated +16 because there is innappropriate content. If you are not comfortable with reading it, don't.

(HARRY) He looks into my eyes. "I love you." he whispers. I smile at his comment. "I love you more." He then slowly kissed my lips. I pull away. "whats wrong babe?" He had a confused look on his face. I looked down for a moment, then back up. "Can I ask you for something?" He then whispers very close to my face, "Anything you want love, I get you." I smile and bite my lip. I whisper in his ear 2 words. "Rock me." And he did just that.


19. Sleepover

I didn't feel the need to change into a new outfit so I stayed in the clothes I wore today. I touched up my makeup a little bit, and reapplied my chapstick. Then we were of to Louis's. Harry trned the radio on and the song "A  Moment Like This" by kelly Clarkson. came on. Without thinking, I started singing out loud. 

A moment like this,

Some people wait a life time,     

For a moment like this

some people search forever,

for that one special kiss

Oh I can't Believe it's happening to me,

some people wait a lifetime,

for a moment like this.

I got interrupted when harry spoke up. "Wow. you have an incredible singing voice."

I looked down at my legs."Thanks."

"Have you ever tried out for xfactor?"

No, I was too scared."

"well you shouldn't be, you have a beautiful voice."

"thanks." I said again.


We got to Louis's House and the door opened with all the boys jumping on Harry. "We are so glad you two could make it!" they all chimed. They were still jumping on harry so I found Eleanor, Perrie, and Danielle over in the kitchen. I walked over there. I forgot to mention that I met them at the club that one night. 

"Hey!" Eleanor said, Giving me a hug. Danielle and Perrie also gave me hugs and said hi. 

"Hey, I haven't seen you guys in awhile." I said. Perrie exchanged looks with the other girls. 

"Oh, we know why." she nudged me and it took me a second to realize what she was referring to. I blushed. "So it's true! you did 'do it' with Harry!" Danielle gasped. 

"well, we have only gone all the way once, but um...yeah." I said looking at the ground. all of a sudden, Five boys came running over to us, nearly tackling us to the floor.


We Settled down by watching Love Actually; One of my favorite movies. Harry and I were on the couch, Louis and eleanor were snuggled up on the floor, Liam and Danielle were on a chair, with danielle on Liam's lap, Zayn and perrie were on the other side of the couch, and niall was on a different chair, shoving popcorn in his mouth. I felt harry's hand on my thigh. His hand moved higher and higher until it reached my underwear line. I felt him lean in.

"you know, we are still going to finish what we started." he whispered, with a smirk playing on his face. I smiled. 

"tonight?" I whispered back. His hand was now rubbing my thigh. 

"i will think about it." He said, with a smirk still on his face.

Once the movie ended we all sat up and talked. "So, we heard you two got busy." Zayn Said, a smile on his face. My eyes were wide and immediatly I started blushing. I covered my face with my hands and dug it into harry's chest. Everybody started laughing. Including harry. 

"Hey! That is none of your business." Harry Joked. I lifted my head from Harry's chest and played along. "Yeah guys." I smiled. We kept talking until I noticed it was 1:00am. That was when everybody started winding down. We put in another movie. Zayn And perrie decided to sit on the floor so we got the couch. I leaned up to harry's face, giving him a peck on the lips. I went to lie back down but he put his hand behind my neck.

"I wasn't done kissing you." Harry whispered. I smiled and leaned back in for another kiss. I laid back down on Harry's chest, pressing my ear against his heart, the beat putting me to sleep.



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