Rock Me

rated +16 because there is innappropriate content. If you are not comfortable with reading it, don't.

(HARRY) He looks into my eyes. "I love you." he whispers. I smile at his comment. "I love you more." He then slowly kissed my lips. I pull away. "whats wrong babe?" He had a confused look on his face. I looked down for a moment, then back up. "Can I ask you for something?" He then whispers very close to my face, "Anything you want love, I get you." I smile and bite my lip. I whisper in his ear 2 words. "Rock me." And he did just that.


16. I love you


"Julia?" I turned my head to see harry looking straight into my eyes from the other side of the couch.

"hmm?" He looked down for a second, then back at me.

"I'm so sorry that happened to you." I leaned my head on his shoulder.

"Don't be, I mean its not your fault he came back and found me."

"But if I was with you, none of that would have happened."

"Harry it's okay." I sat up and looked at him.

"No it's not. I want you to know that you are safe with me and I won't let that happen to you ever again." I then kissed him on the lips softly. 

"Thank you." I went back to find his lips and pressed them on to mine. We got into it, adding tongue. He pushed me on my back on the couch while he was on top still kissing me. I pulled at his curls as he kissed down my neck.I tilted my head back in pleasure. He went back to my lips and stopped.

"do you wanna take this upstairs." I just nodded. He grabbed my thighs as I stood up, me wrapping my legs around his waist. we kept kissing passionately. As we approached the door, harry found the doorknob, opening the door. He pushed me up against the wall he looked at me as he was about to reach for my shirt. I knew I was ready for sex. I am a virgin, but we both know that won't stay for long. I look at him.

"are you sure? We don't have to if you-"

"I want to." I give him a reassuring smile. He smiles back. I start kissing him again as he slowly pulled off my shirt. I pulled of his shirt with his help. He kissed down my neck, gently sucking.

"Harry." I breathed. The pleasure was overwelming. but not in a bad way.

He found my zipper on my jeans and started to pull them down my legs. I groaned. I wanted this boy. And bad. Once my pants were off, It was Harry's turn. I was tugging at the zipper. I was struggling, trying to get his pants down. Harry laughed.

"let me." He said. He pushed the jeans off his legs and now it was just him and me in our underwear and me in my bra. I started kissing down his neck as he enjoyed the pleasure. I went back to his lips and his arms went to my back. He started unclipping the bra from my back and once unclipped, he slowly slid the straps down my shoulders. Now it was just us in underwear. I kissed him adding my tongue, trying to see who could have dominance. But of couse, Harry won.  He picked me up and brought me over to his bed, laying me down. He hovered over me, feeling over my underwear. I shivered at his touch, sending chills down my spine. His eyes went back to face.

"your so beautiful." I kissed him again, and he started to pull my underwear down m legs. Once mine were off, he softly runs over the entrance with his fingers, then shoving two fingers into me. I groaned in pleasure. It felt like electricity was running through my whole body. He went in and out, loosening me. He pulled down his boxers, then grabbed a condom from the side drawer by his bed, and put it on.

"Are you ready?"

I nodded and he had no hesitation. He pushed into me and I groaned, tilting my head back, taking in the new feeling. He put a hand around my neck as I let my neck go back to his face. our lips came together again as he thrusted in and out in different speeds. 

"Harry." I breathed again.

We collapsed with each other and that was it. We just layed in bed, wrapped in each others arms. And that, was the night I lost my virginity.



was that what you guys were waiting for? Yeah, well you're welcome. Anyway, I will try to update soon so just be patient! thank you for reading my story. 

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