There is this One Thing (13+)

Reagan is a typical girl. She loves One Direction. Especially Liam,Louis and Harry. What will happen when a girl is stuck between the three boys of her dreams even after meeting them for the first time? Read this movella to find out.


2. Detention for four

Reagan's P.O.V.

I think this will be the best detention I've ever had. Considering the fact that I've never had one until now. I guess you could call me a goody goody. I prefer the term "good-girl", it sounds better. Especially from the lips of Harry. At least I think it would be. I mean, everything that escapes his mouth is pure ecstasy to me. And those dimples. I could look at them all day long if I wanted to. I just wish he didn't have that quiff because it ruins the sexy look of his curls. But anyways, back to detention. The teacher in detention is Ms. Baker. My favorite teacher. She used to teach 7th grade when I was there but she coincidentally ended up here teaching me in junior year. She's pretty laid back so that's all. I heard he left the room while we were in there, so Harry and I and his two little friends decided to sneak out for McDonald's. It's definitely better than being stuck in detention with a bunch of jerks hitting on me. All I got was a water and Harry, being a guy insisted on buying for me. I didn't feel like arguing so I just gave up after one try. "So, what's your name doll?" Said the one with blue eyes and a brown-haired quiff that he could easily rock. I guess it just suited him. So pretty much, he was drop-dead gorgeous! "R-Reagan", I stuttered. I always stutter when I'm nervous. I don't know why I just... Do. He grinned and whispered in my ear, " Stay away from Harry, he may look sweet, but he's nothing but trouble", all I did was nod in response. I was almost too scared to answer. He seemed so mysterious and... Well... Sexy. I loved it. Every time he spoke it sent chills up my spine. Finally, Harry came back and they ate. We went to my place and played the waiting game. The wait for tomorrow. The day I get an extra detention. Or a suspension. Or getting... EXPELLED!

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