There is this One Thing (13+)

Reagan is a typical girl. She loves One Direction. Especially Liam,Louis and Harry. What will happen when a girl is stuck between the three boys of her dreams even after meeting them for the first time? Read this movella to find out.


1. Best first day

Reagan's P.O.V.

Sometimes I would ask myself, " what would happen if you met One Direction?" Well now I know. It's wonderful, yet somehow it's terrible at the same time. It's a mix of love, confusion and lust. All can be a good combination, but would be better if it were only one guy. And that's a fact. Well, it all happened on a great August day. Specifically, August 21st. I would remember that because it was the very first day of school. It was terrible. Until I saw him. He was tall with brown hair in a quiff. Oh and his eyes, they were a mesmerizing green. So beautiful, yet so hypnotizing. I was staring. Oh god why was I staring? Stop! Just stop being weird and walk! I slammed my locker shut and started to fast walk to class but he knocked me over and landed on top of me " Oops...", He said with a cheeky grin. I pushed him off of me and dusted myself off. He helped me pick up my books and introduced himself "Hi, I'm Harry. Harry Styles." He said with his sexy, husky voice. I loved it! "R-Reagan", I stuttered barely above a whisper. He chuckled deeply and asked to walk me to class. I said yes of course! We got in very late and got detention. As did a couple of other guys who I obviously didn't know. I hated Mrs. Fondale anyways. She was always so rude and thought she was the shit. I despised her. She was the Science teacher. Science was the class EVERYBODY  talked in. So I didn't mind too much. Plus I'd get to be with three new hot guys. So oh well I guess 

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