Autumn May Bailey

Autumn May Bailey, is faced with the death of her parents. And forced to take care of her younger, sister Lilly, who is five years old. What happens when she meets One Direction and she starts falling in love with one of them?


1. May I have your number?

Hi, I'm Autumn May Bailey.I have long blonde curly hair (Hint the cover photo) grey eyes.My parents died and left me, to take care of my little sister, Lilly. I was sixteen then, and my sister was three. That was two years ago. I am currently nineteen, and my little sister, is five. I am a model. And that job gets us everything we need.


        I'm standing in line with Lilly, to get her poster signed, by the one and only One Direction.


"Alright, Lilly. Get your signatures then we can go home." I say tired, of standing in this line.


"Ok, sissy thank you for taking me. I know, mom and dad promised to take me." She said sadly with tears in her eyes. 

"Hey, don't worry. We will get ice cream after this ok?"

"Yay, Ok!!" She exclaims excited.

We reach the signing table, and my sister is all the sudden shy, and staring at Liam. 

"Hi, guys. My lil'sista here wants your signature." I say.

"Yes, may I please have your autograph?" She speaks up suddenly

"I'll give you a hug and kiss on the cheek if I get your sisters number." Harry I think his name is said. My sister turns and looks at me with Big Puppy Eyes. 

"Ugh, Fine." I say annoyed

"Yay, thank you Autumn!" She yelled in excitement. 

Harry gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek, and signed her poster like the rest of the boys did.

I gave him my number, and started walking away with Lilly, looking at her poster.

I can't believe I gave that Harry Styles kid my number.

"Hey, sissy." Lilly says.


"I think that Harry boy likes you." She mumbles I almost didn't hear her. 

"I don't think so. Sis, he probably wants me to be one of his one night stands." I grab her hand as we walk towards my jeep. I put her in her carseat and buckle her up. 

"What, is a one night stand, Sissy?" She asks. Crap, um think of something autumn!! 

"It's where he will only text you for one night." I lied.

"Oh," is all she said for the rest of the ride. I started worrying that she ya know....

I look back, and see that she is sleeping. We finally, get home. I take her out of her carseat, and take her to her room and lay her down. 

"Sweet Dreams, Lilly." I say and kiss her forehead.

As I was walking down the stairs signaling I have a message. I look at my IPhone and its from unknown.

From:Unknown To:Autumn Hey, beautiful its harry.(;

To:Harry From:Autumn Hi, Boy.

From:Harry To: Autumn I was wondering if you wanted to come on a date with me today?

To:Harry From: Autumn Can't have to watch sister.

From: Harry To: Autumn I'll have the boys watch her OK?

To:Harry From: Autumn Alright. I'll see you in a few minutes.

From: Harry To: Autumn Sweet, see you soon. Princess

I got up and went upstairs to get dressed in this


I let my natural curls in and put a thin layer of eyeliner, on and think layers of Mascara.

My sister walks in my room.

"Hey, sis. Liam Payne is going to be babysitting you.While, I'm out with harry OK?"

My sister Wore this:


"You ready Lilly?" I say 

"Yes, I can't wait to hang out with Liam!!" She pratically screams.

"Ok, Ok. Cmon, lets go." I say and get in my jeep and start driving.



(A/N Dun Dun Dunnnnn Cliff hanger. This is my second movella! Woop Woop! I'll try to put another chapter up tommorow.) 















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