Miss You

Amy Sheeran seems like she has the perfect life. She's pretty, popular...oh and her older brother is Ed Sheeran, but when Ed left, she met Mike... the boy she thought she loved. But will she lose feelings for Mike when she meets one of the guys from 1D? Will Mike get jealous? Will she see Ed again? Read to find out! :)

P.S: this is my first fan fic... hope you guys like it! :)


14. The Hotel

After a 25 minuet drive, we finally arrive the hotel. "You okay to walk?" asks Niall. "Piggy back me?" I beg. "Alright." says Niall with a laugh. I get onto Niall's back, the boys, Ed and Paul all start laughing. "Hey! No fair! I want a piggyback ride to!" cries Louis. "Get one my back Boo Bear!" shouts Harry. "Okay Hazza!" exclaims Louis, jumping onto Harry's back. We all burst out laughing. We all get into the hotel lobby. It's beautiful! I get off Niall's back. "I'll check us in. You guys figure out who's sharing rooms with who." says Paul. "I wanna be with Hazza!" says Louis. "Ed, you wanna share a room with Amy?" asks Liam. "Ew! No way!" I say jokingly. Ed fakes a hurt expression. "Okay then, you can share a room with Niall." says Ed. Me and Niall high-five each other. "I guess me, Ed and Liam are sharing a room then." says Zayn, smiling. Paul hands us our room cards. Me and Niall go to our room. Louis and Harry's room is across from ours. Zayn, Liam and Ed's room  is next to ours. and Paul and the other gaurd's room is beside theirs.Niall opens the room door. "There's only one bed. Is that okay?" asks Niall. "Yeah. I don't mind." I smile at him. "I'm gunna go take shower." says Niall. "Okay." I reply. Just as I go to sit on the bed, my phone buzzes. It's a text from a blocked number. Mike.

M: Bitch! Ur still mine! Ur all over the fucking news! I'm going to find u and kill those jackasses AND ur brother!

I don't know what to say. I can feel tears stinging my eyes. I can't hold them back. I start uncontrollably crying. I just put everyone in danger.

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