Miss You

Amy Sheeran seems like she has the perfect life. She's pretty, popular...oh and her older brother is Ed Sheeran, but when Ed left, she met Mike... the boy she thought she loved. But will she lose feelings for Mike when she meets one of the guys from 1D? Will Mike get jealous? Will she see Ed again? Read to find out! :)

P.S: this is my first fan fic... hope you guys like it! :)


10. Airport

"Wake up! The lads are gunna be here in 15 minuets." yells Ed, shaking me. I groan and throw my pillow at Ed.  "Oi!" he cries. I just laugh and get out of bed.  "Get out. I gotta get ready." I tell my brother.  "We'll eat at the airport." says Ed, walking out. "Okay." I reply.  Ed closes my room door and I hear him going down the stairs.  I decide to wear my black Adidas sweats and a white crop top that says 'LOVE' in black grafitti print.  For shoes I put on white Uggs.  I did my hair, brushed my teeth, put on mascara and bright red lipstick.  I tried lifting my suitcase. It's too damn heavy.  "ED!!! HELP!" I yell.  My brother runs into my room, "What wrong?!" he says with concern.  "I just need help with my suitcase." I laugh. "Oh." replies Ed, slightly annoyed.  He picks up my suit case and we head downstairs. There's a knock at the door.  "I'll get it." say Ed. I hide behind my brother.  "Don't worry Amy. It's just the lads." says Ed reassuringly. "Oh... erm, hi guys." I say, embarrased. "Hi!" they all say at the same time. "Where's Lou and Niall?" asks Ed. "They're in the bus waiting." says Zayn. "Oh okay." says Ed.  "Let's go then!" I say with excitement. "Yeah!" says Ed in agreement.  Ed takes his suitcase and walks to the bus. I try to pick up my suitcase.  Ugh so heavy.  "I'll get it love!" says Harry with a smile. "Thanks Harry!" I say, returning a smile. I follow Harry and Zayn tothe bus.  Zayn opens the door for me.  "Thank you!" I say.  "No problem!" says Zayn. I take a seat next to Niall. He's so perfect. "Hey Amy!" says Niall with a big smile. "Hi Niall!" I say, smiling back. "You look great." says Niall, looking at me. "Oh, thanks. You look nice too." I say, blushing. "So, uh... how old are you?" Niall asks me, trying to start a convo. "I'm 18." I reply. "Oh nice! I'm 19!" says Niall. "I know." I say giggling. "Oh...riiight." Niall mumbling. we look at eachother and start laughing. "You're adorable." says Niall quietly. "So are you." I reply. Niall starts blushing and I giggle. Me and Niall look into eachother's eyes. His eyes are perfect. He starts moving closer. "We're here!" shouts Liam, interuptting mine and Niall's moment. I remember I'm not officially broken up with Mike. I get my phone and text Mike; "It's over asshole." and I block his number. "C'mon." says Louis. Me, Ed, and the rest of the boys get off the bus. "Who's this?" says a familiar looking man. I quickly realize it's Paul, One Direction's manager. "That's Ed's little sister. She'll be on tour with us." says Liam. "Hi!" says Paul turning to me. "Hello!" I reply politely. "Everyone ready?" asks Paul. "Yup" we all say at once. "What about our luggage?" I ask, turning to Louis. "They're loading it on the plane." say Lou with a smile. "Oh." I say. We enter the airport and fans mob us. Without thinking, I grab Niall's hand. Niall looks at me and he can tell that I'm kind of scared. He brings me closer to him and I instantly feel safer. "HEY WHO THE FUCK IS THAT GIRL WITH NIALL?!?" screams a fan. "EW SHE'S UGLY!!!" screams another. I start to tear up. Niall looks down at me. "Hey, you okay?" asks Niall. "Yea." I reply, trying to hold back tears. I see a fan slip past the gaurds, she looked really mad. "Hey bitch get off Niall you ugly ass whore!" she yells at me. All the boys turn and look at the 'fan'. "Hey that's no way to talk to my sister!" says Ed. "Yeah! No one talks to Amy like that!" says Harry.  "That's very mean you know?" says Liam. "Yeah, what's with the hate? She's just my friend." says Niall. "She hasn't done anything to you." says Zayn. "So please kindly FUCK OFF!" yells Louis with sass. Woah... I can't believe they stood up for me like that! I look at all of them in shock. "What? We can't let people hurt you like that." says Lou, hugging me. "Yeah, we all think of you as a little sister." says Liam with a smile. "Thanks guys!" I say. "Anytime!" they all say. "Well, time to get on the plane!" says Niall. We board the plane. I take the window seat, Niall takes the middle seat and Liam takes the isle seat nest to Niall. Harry, Ed and Louis sit behind us and Zayn, Paul and another gaurd sit in the seats in front of us. This is going to be fun. 

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