Miss You

Amy Sheeran seems like she has the perfect life. She's pretty, popular...oh and her older brother is Ed Sheeran, but when Ed left, she met Mike... the boy she thought she loved. But will she lose feelings for Mike when she meets one of the guys from 1D? Will Mike get jealous? Will she see Ed again? Read to find out! :)

P.S: this is my first fan fic... hope you guys like it! :)


6. A Mix of Good and Bad

                                                         *Alarm goes off*

I roll out of bed and head to the bathroom. God, I'm so fucking tired. At least today is the last day of school...then, SUMMER BREAK!!! Yay! I brush my hair and teeth. I decide to put my wavy hair up in a messy bun. I throw on a pair of acid washed jeans and a Superman t-shirt and for shoes I put on red TOMS. Oh crap! I almost forgot to put on makeup! I run back to the bathroom. I apply black eye liner, slightly winging it out, I put on mascara and red lipstick. I grab my book bag and head downstairs and see Ed. "You going to school?" he asks as I head into the kitchen. "Duh." I reply, grabbing a green apple and taking a bite. "Shut up!" exclaims Ed playfully. "I get off early today though and then I'm off for summer break!" I say excitedly. "Oh okay cool." replied Ed casually. My phone buzzes. I take it out of my pocket. It's from Mike.

M: Wanna walk to school together? :)

A: Sure :)

M: Ok :) be at ur house in 5 xx

A: Kk :) xx

                                                        *5 mins later*

There's a knock on the door, I'm guessing it's Mike. I walk to the door and open it. "Hello, are you Ms. Sheeran?" asks a police officer. "Uhm yes. Wha-" I'm cut off by Ed. "What's going on?" asks Ed with a worried expression. "Mr. Kelling has been hit by a car. He told me to come to this address to inform you before he blacked out." says the officer, leaving. Ed closes the door and I fall to the floor in tears. Ed kneels down beside me and wraps his arms around me. "I bet Mike will be ok." says Ed, trying to comfort me. Every bad thought is running through my mind. "What if he's not." I say sobbing into my brother's chest. "He will. Cmon, let's go to the hospital and see him." says Ed as he helps me up. "Is my makeup okay?" I ask him. "Yup" he says with a slight smile. We get into Ed's car and head to the hospital.

                                              *10 min drive to hospital*

We finally arrive at the hospital. I run inside and ask a nurse what room Mike is in. "Room 100." says the nurse. I thank her and wait for Ed. "Room 100." I tell Ed. "Ok." he says. We get to Mike's room and walk in. "Amy! Ed! What are you guys doing here?" asks Mike in shock. "I had to come see you." I say, tearing up. "Don't cry. Please." says Mike wiping my tears. "I'm gunna grab some food." says Ed. I could tell he just felt awkward. "Okay." I reply. "Amy, I know we've only known each other for 2 days, but from the moment I saw you, I thought you were the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I knew that I wanted you to be mine and mine only. Amy Sheeran, will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?" Mike asks while looking into my eyes. I really like Mike. "Yes. A thousand times yes!" I say hugging him. We look into each other's eyes and lean in for a kiss. This just feels so right.

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