Miss You

Amy Sheeran seems like she has the perfect life. She's pretty, popular...oh and her older brother is Ed Sheeran, but when Ed left, she met Mike... the boy she thought she loved. But will she lose feelings for Mike when she meets one of the guys from 1D? Will Mike get jealous? Will she see Ed again? Read to find out! :)

P.S: this is my first fan fic... hope you guys like it! :)


16. A Day With the Girls

"Wake up sleepy head" whispers Niall. "Ugh. What time is it?" I groan. "Almost noon." he laughs. "Oh god!" I exclaim jumping out of bed. "You better hurry up." says Niall. "Why?" I question. "Perrie and Eleanor want to go shopping with you." he smiles. "Awesome!" I say excitedly. "They'll be here in an 10 minuets." Niall informs me. "Oh." is all I say. I put on light makeup  and put on a nice yellow  maxi dress with tan wedges. I hear a knock on the door. "I'll get it says Niall, getting up. Perrie and Eleanor come in. "You must be Amy!" says El. "It's so nice to meet you!" exclaims Perrie. "Yea, it's great to meet you both as well!" I smile. Both of them hug me at the same time and I hug them back. "See ya later Nialler!" I say, hugging him, he hugs back. "Bye beautiful." he winks. I can feel myself blushing. "C'mon!" says Perrie. Ijoin the girls and we make our way to the lobby. "So what's up with you and Niall?" asks Eleanor cheekily. "Well...erm. Nothing." I say. "Oh don't lie." says Perrie laughing. "Can we talk about this over coffee?" I laugh. "Starbucks!" shouts El. "You read my mind!" exclaim me and Perrie at the same time. The three of us burst out laughing. We get to Starbucks and order. When we get our drinks, we get a table. "So about you and Niall?" asks El. "Well...I like him." I admit. "Awwww!" both of them say. "I think he likes you too." says Perrie. "I give it less than two days before he asks you out." says El. We hang out at Starbucks until the both have to leave. Perrie and El take me back to the hotel. I see Niall waiting in the lobby. "Did ya have fun?" asks Niall. "Yea!" I exclaim. This was a great day.

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