Only Payne

"you will pay for this Payne! I will find a way to hurt you as much as you hurt me!" Her words ran through my head over and over again. What could she possibly do?


3. Unanswered Questions

*Liams POV*
"What are you doing in my house!" She yelled.
I opened my mouth then closed it I was finding it hard to speak due to all the pain I was feeling. That girl sure knows how to defend herself. 
"Well are you going to answer me?" She said putting the bat closer to me, "or am I going to have to beat it out of you?" 
"No" I managed to say, "I'll talk." She moved the bat closer to her body and took a few steps back as I began to get up.
"I was just..I was trying to hide from someone. Look ill leave right now I didn't know anyone lived here." I opened the door and ran out. I could hear her yell something but I couldn't make it out exactly. The only thing I was worried about was running into Marie.
*Ariels POV*
"Wait is everything okay! Why are you hiding?" I yelled as he ran out the door. I waited for a response but I got no answer he just continued to run. I leaned on the wall and slid down trying to process everything that just happened. I didn't realize how long I'd been there until I was brought out of my thoughts by the sound of the door opening. I quickly got up and held the bat ready to swing. 
"Woah Ariel calm down its just me" Sophie stood there with her hands up and eyes wide open. 
"I'm so sorry Soph you startled me" 
"Is everything okay Ariel did something happen while I was gone?"
I stood there debating on whether I should tell her or not. 
"Um Ariel?"
"Huh what?"
"I asked you a question silly"
"Oh right it's just I saw a spider and it freaked me out" I thought it was best if she didn't know. 
"Well it must've been a huge spider to have you that scared" she said with a giggle. "Sure was" I whispered.
Sophie took off her shoes and tied up her hair as she walked toward the kitchen. "I'm hungry"she said, "did you make anything?"
Shoot! I didn't put the groceries away because of what happened. "Ariel that spidered scared you that bad that you didn't put the groceries away?"
"Sorry" was all I managed to say. "Well we will just have to order pizza then" 
"I'm actually not that hungry. I think I'm just going to sleep because I have work tomorrow." I started walking to my room when I realize I forgot to ask Sophie how her interview went. 
"Speaking of work, how did the interview go?" 
"Oh it was great! I got the job and I start tomorrow"
"Awesome! I guessed we'll have to celebrated with some lunch tomorrow. Goodnight sophie"
"Goodnight Ariel"
I began getting ready for bed when the thoughts of what happened earlier rushed through my head. I layed down in bed and wondered who could he possibly need to hide from and why

Well I hope you're enjoying my story so far!! Again this is my first fanfic and I would love feedback! Thank you for reading this!!

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