Only Payne

"you will pay for this Payne! I will find a way to hurt you as much as you hurt me!" Her words ran through my head over and over again. What could she possibly do?


2. *liams POV*

             I've never been so tired in my life. I've been running from her for miles now. "I will get you back Payne you will be mine again!" I could hear the anger in her voice. Those were the last words she said to me. The last words Marie said to me. She'd been chasing me until I finally lost her but I could hear her getting closer as I turned the corner. I panicked until I spotted a little pink house at the corner that looked abandoned. I could hide there I thought to myself.

I began to run towards the house as fast as I could hoping I'd find a way in. I checked the front door and luckily it was unlocked. "Yes!" I whispered as I ran inside and shut the door. I looked down as I leaned on the wall & let out a sigh of relief until I heard a loud scream come from the kitchen.

             My head shot up & turned to the sound of the scream until my eyes met those of a girl with curly brown hair holding grocery bags looking at me with fear. I ran over to her and covered her mouth. "Shhh! I'm not going to hurt you just be quiet." I whispered to her. She quickly nodded her head in agreement as I heard Marie run by yelling "You can hide but I will find you!" As her voice began to fade in the distance I removed my hand from the girls mouth just to be struck by a sharp pain in my stomach as I fell to the floor. 

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