Only Payne

"you will pay for this Payne! I will find a way to hurt you as much as you hurt me!" Her words ran through my head over and over again. What could she possibly do?


1. *Ariel's Pov*

             I woke up this morning feeling excited because I'd finally be moving out of my parents house. Don't get me wrong I love my parents but I am 18 and ready to be independent. I figured it'd take all day to get things settled so I took the day off work. I didn't own a car yet so Sophie, my best friend , would be helping me out today. I jumped out of bed and began to get ready for the day. I brushed my teeth then tied my curly hair into a ponytail, threw on denim shorts, a pink v neck, and my white converse then headed down stairs. The smell of pancakes filled the room as I walked into the kitchen. I sat next to my dad and began to eat.

"Ariel are you sure you're ready to move out?" My dad asked concerned.

"Well good morning to you to dad" I replied and that's when my mom turned to look at me.

"It's just you're going to be alone in that house sweetheart. I don't think it's safe! No it's not you're not ready lets just wait until-" I cut her off 

"Mom! Relax I'll only be about 10 minutes away and you can come visit whenever you'd like! Did you forget that Sophie would be living there too? And Dad if I don't move out now you guys might not ever let me go" I said with a giggle.

My mom walked over to us and let out a sigh "I just want you to be safe Ariel"

"And I will be!" I said as I heard a honk outside. That must be Sophie I got up and gave my parents a quick hug and said goodbye.

             Sophie and I were headed to the nearest store to buy some groceries since I'd be staying the night at my new place. Once we finally got everything we needed we headed home to unpack what I'd already taken to the house yesterday.

"Im so excited to move in!" Sophie began to say, "We will finally have the freedom to do whatever we want! We can throw parties and be in our underwear or we can-"

I let out a small laugh and said "I know Soph nothing can ruin this but until then get out of the car and help me with these groceries"

            We managed to get most of the groceries in when Sophie looked at her watch and yelled. "Shoot! It's 3:30 and I have an interview at 4:30! Do you think you can handle the rest on your own?" I looked inside the car and there's was only a few bags left. "Yeah ill be fine now go before you're late!" I grabbed the bags from her car and she was on her way.

             I struggled to get inside with all these bags in my hand. I was headed to the kitchen when I heard the door open then close. I turned towards the door thinking Sophie must've forgotten something and returned. I was shocked when I spotted a man leaning on my door with his head facing the floor. My eyes grew wide and my first instinct was to yell at the top of my lungs. He quickly looked up and ran to me. Ariel you idiot! I thought to myself. He covered my mouth and whispered, "shhh! I'm not going to hurt you just be quiet." I nodded in agreement I had to find a way out of his grip I needed him to be distracted. 

It only took him a few seconds to slowly remove his hand from my mouth. He seemed to be focused on something outside. This was my chance I thought to myself. I spotted Sophie's bat,from when she was in softball, across from me. I quickly grabbed it , kneed the man in the stomach, then held the bat infront of me. 

"What are you doing inside my house!" I yelled as the man fell to the floor.


This is my first fanfic I would love if you give me feedback. I hope you enjoy it oh & you can follow me on twitter @adoran_horan1 thank you If you read this!!

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