Why Leave?


2. Y..You?


 *Kristi's P.O.V.*

       I walked and walked and walked until I realized two things. First, I was sprinting and I never realized it. Second, I was lost. I was in a neighborhood that looked really rich. I was guessing it was a famous persons neighborhood right  as HE walked out.


 * Liam's P.O.V.* 

      She was beautiful, but I had no idea who she was. She had long, tangled, dirty blonde hair. She just stood and stared at me. She looked afraid. Then she started running, but she didn't make it very far. She fell. I ran toward her not thinking at all. Me running towards her made her look even more afraid. This was bad, very, very, very bad. What would the boys say? I started telling her that I wasn't going to hurt her. I was going to help her. She looked me with her gorgeous, big, green eyes. I reached my hand out and thankfully, she grabbed it. I had to know her name, now. "Pardon me but ummmm.. what's your name?"  She had an angelic but soft voice. "K-Kristi...", She stammered. We walked back to my home. Then she started moaning in pain. "W-W-What's the matter Kristi?" She didn't say anything. She looked down. Then I looked down There was blood running down her leg. A lot of it.  

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