A True Love Story

Simon adopts a 15 year old girl named Sam after he found out about her families death. Sam becomes best friends with Liam Payne and meets the rest of the guys. She falls for Harry but tries to fight the feelings. Harry falls for her. He starts to think that she doesn't like him. Then he over hears she and Liam talking about him. What will happen?


2. Sleepover

Sams POV 


"Thanks Daddy." I closed the door and Harry ran over. "Hi…" He smiled. "Hi weirdo." I chuckled. "You look nice." He looked nervous. "Uhh…" I looked at my outfit. I was in this:



"Thanks?" I said uncomfortably. "Um. I wanna talk to you alone for a second…" "Harry." "Yeah?" "WE ARE ALONE!!!" I screamed. "Oh. Then…uh…will you go out with…with…uh…Niall? I mean…" "Harry. You're a really sweet guy but, no. I'm sorry." I ran up to the door and knocked. Liam let me in. "Hey. Are you ok?" He asked. I pulled him away from everyone. I told him everything. "Wait you like Harry?" "Shh." I covered his mouth. "Sorry…why'd you say no?" He asked. "I just got out of a…the last guy I dated…I did have a boyfriend but, when he found out my family died and that I was a wreck, he called me a slut and dumped me." I hugged him in tears. He hugged me back. Everyone came over. Even Harry. "Come on Sam. Girl talk." The girls pulled me outside. I told them and they hugged me.


Harrys POV 


She likes me. But she doesn't want to? Yet? I'm confused. What kind of asshole would hurt her like that? I heard her start to cry. We all came over and the girls pulled her outside for a girl talk. I saw them hug. I need to hug her. I need to kiss her. WOW HARRY. Calm down. I walked out and the girls stepped infront of me. "I just wanna comfort her. Please?" I asked. "Fine." They let me through. They walked inside and I sat by Sam. "Hey. You ok?" I asked. She shook her head. "Come here." She shook her head again. "I'm just trying to comfort you…" "I don't wanna be touched." "What about the slightest bit?" She looked at me confused. I kissed her softly. She kissed me back. "That help?" I rubbed her back. She shook her head. "Harry. You're really sweet but, no. I don't wanna boyfriend. The last one I had…" She cried harder. "Oh come here." I begged. She hugged me. I hugged her back. "I know. I overheard you and the girls…Only because I was worried about you…" She got up and went inside. Liam hugged her. She hugged him back. I just wanna help. I walked in and went to the spare room. I sprawled out on it and went to bed in tears. 


Sams POV


I couldn't sleep that night. Harry kept me up. I had to see him. I can trust him right? I got up and Perrie popped up. "Where are you…" She smiled. "Go to Harry love bird." She tossed me something. "Use that, and he will want your kiss every second of his life." I chuckled and put some of the lipgloss on. I snuck up to the spare room and opened the door. It freaked and Harry popped up. He smiled and sat up. I walked in and closed the door. I walked over to Harry and kissed him. He smiled and kissed me back. "Come here…" He patted the other side of the bed. I walked to the other side and laid down. He scooted over and kissed me. I kissed him back. I cuddled up to him and closed my eyes. He put the blankets over us and softly kissed my lips. I kissed him back and fell asleep finally.  




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