A True Love Story

Simon adopts a 15 year old girl named Sam after he found out about her families death. Sam becomes best friends with Liam Payne and meets the rest of the guys. She falls for Harry but tries to fight the feelings. Harry falls for her. He starts to think that she doesn't like him. Then he over hears she and Liam talking about him. What will happen?


1. Adoption

Simons POV 


I walked into the Orphanage and asked for Sam. She walked down and I adopted her. "Ok Sam. Here is your credit card. Buy some new clothes. I'm having you hang out with Liam from 1D for the day because I have work. Oh there he is." I pointed to him. He had Danielle with him but I guess the more the merrier. They took her away and I went off to work.


Sams POV


He handed me a sparkly pink purse and the credit card and they took me away. "Hey Sam. I'm Dani. And that's Liam. We're so gonna be besties. Liams gonna get us lunch and go pick up the other guys while we go shop." She and Liam kissed and he left. We walked into a bunch of shops and bought a bunch of stuff. "So, you have a boyfriend?" She asked. "I did. Then once he found out I was gonna be a nobody, he dumped me so, I'm single and loving it. Oh my gosh. We should get matching hats…" "No. Outfits!" She grabbed two of the same outfits and ran up to the register. I ran over to her. "Let's go put these on." She handed me mine and we changed. We walked out and I saw One Direction. Harry looked at me and time stopped. I gulped and looked at Dani. "Harrys giving me a look." She squealed and pulled me aside. I looked at her like she was an idiot. "He likes you…" "And I don't like him." I interrupted. "Whatever. To talk to him." She pushed me towards him. I almost fell but gentle hands caught me. They helped me up and I turned to them. Harry. "Thanks." I glared at Dani. She smiled in a teasing way and went on talking to Liam. 


Harrys POV 


Sam. She's a beauty. A real beauty. She was wearing this: 



"You're really pretty for an orphan." She looked offended. "I said that wrong. Sorry. Can we start over?" She giggled and nodded. "You're a really pretty girl." She blushed. "And a blushy one." I teased. She rolled her eyes. "Oh and I'm sorry about your family." I said. She choked up. "Sorry. Come here." I opened my arms. She hugged me. I hugged her back. She messed up my hair and pulled away. "Hey. I'm gonna get you." I glared at her playfully. She blushed and ran. I ran after her. I finally caught her from behind. I put her over my shoulder and walked back over to everyone. I gently set her down and fixed my hair. She messed it up again. She stuck out her tongue and sat by Danielle. "Sam. You should sleep over with the guys and the girls. Little Mix girls will be there along with me and Eleanor?" Danielle asked. "Ok. Sure. Sounds fun."



Sams POV 


Harrys charm made me like him. God that husky British boy. "See you tonight Sam." Harry said as I got in dads car. "I guess I'm going to a sleepover with all of them." I looked at dad. "Sounds fun. Liams house I'm guessing?" He asked. I smiled and nodded.

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